Best SUV for pulling a 2 horse

What are the best SUV’s out there to tow a 2 horse trailer? Wouldn’t be long distances and would only be towing a few times a month. Let me know everyone’s opinions! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have a 2014 Toyota Sequoia that I use to pull a 2h Featherlite. It pulls very nicely, better than my husband’s 2014 Chevy Silverado, actually.

I have a Nissan Armada Platinum for towing. At the time I bought it, it had the highest tow capacity of any SUV, though I’m not sure that’s the case anymore. I love it though :slight_smile:

There are lots of opinions about this. I personally tow a small 2H BP (2200 lbs) with a 2012 Grand Cherokee Summit 5.7L Hemi with factory tow. It meets my very incidental hauling needs and I’m almost a ton below rated capacity with both horses loaded. WDH should be used for any of these options your considering and your vehicle must have factory tow to insure it’s equipped appropriately.

The Equispirit Horse Trailer web site has a nice article on figuring out just what your potential tow vehicle can be expected to handle.

It’s not the pulling. It’s the stopping and maneuvering in dicey situations.

The only SUV that stands a chance of handling a horse trailer in all driving situations is a Suburban.

Anyone who lets the tail wag the dog while hauling is a ticking time bomb. Don’t be a danger.

You, your horse, and other drivers on the road deserve better.


The correct answer is: whichever one, properly equipped (which means a weight distributing hitch, 100%), is rated, with a safety margin, to tow your trailer.

That means you need to know what trailer you’re towing. Jim’s setup (which is lovely, I’ve seen it, and a friend has something similar) works fine for his trailer. My significantly larger 2-horse trailer sucks up over half of his tow rating before a single horse or piece of tack sets foot on it.

I had many good years pulling my 2 horse/dressing room Aluminum Gore with my Expedition (factory tow package) - utilizing a WDH.

Best of luck to the OP.

It isn’t just about the weight, it’s also about wheel base… at some point, as noted above, you’ll have the tail wagging the dog and if the trailer wins, it can get ugly.


I know several people who tow with a Ford Expedition and it seems to do fine for them. They all have weight distributing hitches.

Ditto on the Expedition. I’ve been hauling a light two-horse locally for probably ten years now. I’m extremely conscious of the fact that it is not as ideal as a 3/4 ton, but I drive carefully and defensively and have not had an issue of any kind over the years. For hauls longer than an hour I use my hubby’s 3/4 ton.

Adding that you don’t want passenger suv tires, you want truck tires on the tow vehicle. You’ll get more traction if you have to park in a field or something and it’s a little slick.

I tow with an Armada, I have a very large heavy two horse. Perfect

I know several people who tow with a Ford Expedition and it seems to do fine for them. They all have weight distributing hitches.[/QUOTE]

This. With the weight distribution add-on. With a larger trailer and two horses 1000-1200 lbs each.

To back it into a parking spot, unhook the weight distribution as it reduces your turn (but not enough to be a problem during regular driving).

I tow a 2400 lb 2-horse BP trailer, horse (1) weighs maybe1200 lbs with a 2015 chevy Tahoe. Recently upgraded from a 2008 Tahoe. It works very well; I’m mostly on 2-lane roads, couple times/month, relatively flat. Have done the interstate which is not my idea of fun - everyone in Florida drives 70 or so and I’m more comfy at 60+ mph. LOVE my Tahoe.

That said, I never tow two horses, (my boy is a stallion) maybe add two bales of hay and some tack when going to a show. Works well for me.

I personally would not do it in something smaller than the Suburban (which I towed with for years) or an Excursion. I towed a few times with a Tahoe and the stopping distance blew. This is assuming we are talking about your average 2hBP and not talking about a Benderup or something similar.

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Thank you everyone for your input! I will definitely consider all of this when looking.

I have pulled my 2H Aluminum 4Star with a 2012 Sequoia. It follows around just fine, but I only ever have it loaded with a VSE and cart. I am actually needing new tires. Recommendations for tires? And does anyone ever see the need for equalizer hitch with this setup?

The question is where are you on numbers, and how stable does it feel? What is the tow capacity of your SUV (your exact configuration - they vary considerably)? How much does your trailer weigh?

You can with many but you ask what is the best and that would be a Suburban (Yukon XL) and preferably a 3/4 ton (I think they have stopped making them right now so new isn’t an option).