Best trail riding in VA

We are looking to move closer to the grandkids in VA. We are avid trail riders and horse campers. Looking for something AWAY from NOVA. Close to the Blue Ridge Mtns., Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, etc. Must have ride-off trails. Where should we look? Grandkids are in Midlothian, Aldie and Winchester. Thanks!!!

I camp twice a year in the Ivanhoe area, which has access to Jefferson National Forest. There is unlimited trail riding in that area, as well as the New River Trail.

We have looked at property area, and found the prices of real estate and taxes to be reasonable.

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There are endless places to trail ride. Phelps WMA, Manassas Battlefields, Sky Meadows, Thompson WMA, Arboretum, Conway Robinson, Andy Guest State park, all of the Shennandoah mountains, you can find great descriptions of the trail heads and parking at on the Trails tab.


Very helpful, GG – good to have all those trails to look forward to, in a few more years when we get down there (hopefully). Thank you!

Be wary of Northern Virginia. As the population has increased, many trails and parks have been closed to riders. Equestrian groups have successfully protected access to some trails. Before you buy a farm, talk with local equestrian groups to see if they are struggling to keep trails open.