Best Trailer for several 17+ draft crosses

I have three 17h draft crosses and a fat pony that all event and fox hunt. We spend a ton of time in the trailer for both local and long hauls. My largest boy is 17.3h Shire cross who truly just does not fit in a regular trailer. I am a woman who trailers alone and am looking for nothing fancy, but I do require a dressing room up front. Gooseneck and no ramps. Suggestions?? Thank you.

My Irish Draughts fit well in my Sundowner.

Talk to Risa at Happy Trails Trailers in NC and see what she has to say. I would think that very few trailers would fit your Sire cross comfortably for a long journey. I do think that most slants would be out of the question.

My boss has two Sundowner 4 horse head to heads and several WBs over 18 hands and they seem to ship well (and they ship a lot.)

Many draft horse people use gooseneck stock trailers. Big horses seem to do better in them since they aren’t squashed in small stalls.

What @Miss Woodford said. Like this: (Logan Stockman Combo)

Depends on the horse I suppose! When I started riding again as an adult, it was at a foxhunting barn and they had a BIG stock trailer with a center gate. It was super versatile – box stalls, or leave the gate open and just keep packing them in there, depending on how many needed to go.

Looks like they also have a “warmblood” model if you prefer the more traditional straight load with padded dividers.


We have an 18 hand Percheron / Dutch Harness cross. He fits just fine in my 4-Star 2 horse straight load trailer. He just occupies one side–I can put another horse in there with him. It is a warmblood size (which means it’s taller and wider than a “regular” 4-star trailer). I don’t think a slant load would work for him. My straight load gives him a lot of room in the front for his gi-normous neck and head. If I remember correctly, the length of the entire box (front to back) in the straight load is 13 feet. It’s 7’9" tall. It’s a walk-through front with hay bags (not a manger style) so he can really use the entire space.

My first horse was an 18 h Irish draught cross. I have an equispirit bp,xl- extra tall and extra long. They also do an xxl. You can get both in a gooseneck too. I’ve also had a 17.3 h wb and my husband’s mare, who is not tall but is a perch/Morgan tank. They all fit great in this trailer.

I was also thinking of a big stock trailer and then if you want, customize the dividers inside to what works for you. Size would depend on if you are always hauling all of them at once.

We have a 4 horse, “Draft Horse” slant GN trailer that we bought to use as a moving van when we move to another state. It is 8 feet tall, 7 feet wide and the horse space is 19 feet on the long wall. There is a cute “weekender package” dressing room with custom cabinets and spaces for all the appliances…which we had removed, but could be replaced. This trailer is PLENTY big for draft cross horses!! (ps…it will be for sale after we move!) It has a new “Rumber” floor, too. Currently has a ramp with top doors, but could easily be a step in. Removeable rear tack. Something like this would be perfect for big horses.