Best Urinary Tract Food for Cats - Non Prescription

My siamese mix had a uti which she was on antibiotics for… but a few days after the meds were done she was peeing blood again in my bathtub. smart kitty must know I can see blood there as when she’s hurting that is the place she picks to show me.

Anyway, I’m getting that urine tested now, but vet suggested a urinary tract food… what do you recommend? He didn’t think I needed to go prescription especially since I have 4 cats and it would be difficult at feeding time to separate… plus more expensive to feed them all prescription food…

What do you like?

Is she on dry food now? Any wet food will be better, if so. Adding cosequin might also be useful, as it soothes the bladder lining. Lots of peeing blood cases aren’t infection at all, but sterile cystitis.

If they do find infection again, go ahead and do the culture/sensitivity. Recurrence in days is a good sign the antibiotics weren’t effective against her type of infection.

Good luck!

I have four cats plus a feral. They are all on dry with occasional wet. The urine I gave the vet tested positive for blood, scattering of bacteria and cysts I believe. He said to change her diet to a urinary tract food For now. So I bought some purina pro plan wet and dry to start. If I find something better I can switch but my store had it available. Crossing fingers it works

I had a male cat block up last month - no crystals visible, “just” a plug. At the vet’s suggestion (after he came home from his catheterization) I did put him on urinary food for one case/24 days, but did some reading and since I switched him back to his regular food (canned, Fancy Feast classic pate + Tiki Cat shredded chicken) this is what I’ve done:

  • All sources list hydration as #1 most important treatment so I’m adding lots of water to his food - I’m lucky that he’s a good eater and happily drinks his soup.

  • I found a site that said that while glucosamine didn’t seem to have a statistically-valid effect in trials, antioxidants and omega-3 supplements do. So I got some of those and add them to his food.

  • And what the heck, had Cosequin for cats on sale, so I figured I’d give that a try, too!

He hasn’t re-blocked or shown any return of symptoms, but of course I don’t know if he would have if I hadn’t made any of these dietary changes. I strongly suspect that the extra water is the most important of the changes and may well be enough by itself, if anything was in fact necessary to prevent a recurrence. I do know that the water I’m adding to his food is increasing his overall water intake because the clumps in the litter box are noticeably larger than before.

I have a cat with a history of feline idiopathic cystitis, and had another with the same. People swear up and down that wet food is always the answer, but the only thing that worked for these two cats is Purina One Urinary Health blend. Every time I’ve tried to switch either off of it to a wet food or a higher protein food they would be back at the vet within a few months. But their problems have never been actual infections.

I do add water to the kibble to increase water intake, but both cats are healthy drinkers regardless and demand that sinks and bathtubs be turned on for their drinking pleasure. The cats are 12 and 13 with “perfect” senior bloodwork as of January.

I’m trying the purina one right now and have slowly started to integrate the dry and wet with the old food so I don’t have a different issue wiht food changes… will see how it goes! Thanks

I’ve been using the Purina One Urinary Tract kibble for 7 years after one of my cats had to have surgery for crystal blockage. No more issues!

My cat is not crazy about this food unless I put the wet mixed in with it… guess she’s getting spoiled!!