best ventilated helmet brands?

Hello all!

I’ve been riding with an IRH Advanted Tech Helmet (ATH) for a few years now and am started to get really frustrated with how poorly ventilated it is. Regardless of how much I exert myself during the ride or how hot is it outside my hair always seems to be plastered to my scalp and covered in sweat when I’m done. I’m also prone to heat stroke in the summers so having a poorly ventilated helmet makes matters way worse when the heat is beating down.

I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for helmet brands with good ventilation??

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check threads below in the "similar threads section for more info.
I’m WAY south of Canada and gave up my Charles Owens for the Ovation Protégé. BIG improvement. My hair is still soaked around the perimeter, but the top section of my head is dry. The helmet has a dial thing to adjust fit, the price is unbeatable and I’m a happy camper. I wear a 7 helmet, ordered the small/medium and its great for my somewhat oval head. It comes in more colors than this if you check other sites.

2d the ovation protege. :slight_smile: if it fits you, give it a try.

The Tipperary line is great too! The Sportage is the cheapest and is well-ventilated and comes down further in the back to protect the base of the skull.

If you want one that’s show-worthy, the T2 and T4 are nice - I have the T2 and personally prefer the matte look to the velvety T4.

Love, love, Ovation helmets!

I have a Charles Owens and a GPA, but the helmet I always end up wearing is my light, airy, fugly Ovation. I wore it hacking out for an hour in the Texas sun today and the cronal pate was fresh as a daisy. Of course, there are limits; a month ago the heat would have killed me even If I’d been wearing a straw sun hat.

Samshield, by far in my experience.

One K Defender. Tipperary Sportage if on a budget. The One K is better though I am in Florida)

OneK. I may get a tiny bit of a sweaty forehead if it’s over 100 and humid outside. Other than that, I’m fresh as a daisy!

I’m sensitive to the heat as well and found the Tipperary Sportage to be cooler than an IRH. It’s so light and comfortable I forget I’m wearing it.

OneK for sure. I live in south Texas and ride all summer in this - it works!

Ditto. My CO AYR8 is alright, but my Samshield is much better.