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Best web sties for selling red fox hunting coats?

A long time member retired and asked me to sell his red coats (Pink coats) --there are two for hunting (one heavy, one very heavy) and a gorgeous set of red tails for hunt balls ----so, suggestions on FB pages or similar to post hunt coats? Difficult for me to separate ‘hunt attire’ like for showing hunters from ‘fox hunting’ attire suitable for riding to the hounds.

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When I moved on from fox hunting I sold my scarlet coats, whip, horn, flask and wire cutter case on ebay. At the time I just put them up for bids, and enough people were interested that I received pretty generous amounts for everything.

Early on in my hunting life I met a man who had spent 20 years with a Virginia hunt and was selling his gear. I asked him why he had decided to give up hunting. He said that after twenty years riding and drinking with the same people and over the same country it had just gotten boring. Twenty years later I discovered the same thing for myself.


Back in the day there was no such divide, was there? Sad.

I hope you can find a site where you can sell these Pinks. Are there any consignment shops near you/him? Good luck!

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You might contact Middleburg Tack Exchange if the shipping costs are not an issue.


My thought, too. Maybe also call Horse Country in Warrenton VA



@LCDR Travel. Go out with lots of different hunts, see new country, meet new people. Go to Ireland, England, France, even Germany, the Netherlands, Australia. World’s your oyster and all that.


Yeah, did all that too. Honestly, it was also time to move on from the heavy drinking environment of fox hunting.


I appreciate @LCDR’s sentiment —I’ve been hunting for 56 years —I was never one for drinking (ok, when I was a 20 year old whipper-in, yeah, did that --long story–involving a rock-and-roll star who hunted with us) --but not since then. I have to haul to the hunt --I never felt comfortable driving the horse trailer and drinking --my horse didn’t volunteer to go into the trailer, he went in because I asked him to --so I feel I owe it to him to drive sober --but I digress —

The man who gave me his coats to sell (3 --two hunting coats and his hunt ball tail coat) is quitting the game to move 2000 miles away with his wife. They were my two favorite people at the hunt club —helped pick out our horses, trained them, and gave the kiddos lessons for 20 years --and tried to give me a few lessons but I’m pretty hopeless --I ride how I ride at 70 -not too keen on changing.

With them gone, and the other “over 60” fox hunters mostly to the last going to FLA or AZ in the winter, that leaves me hunting out with a much younger crowd. They are all nice, but talk of kids, and their various schools, sports accomplishments, etc, are well, a bit dull --been hearing the same old, same old for years. Each season I wonder if I will rejoin —about 6 years ago I moved from first flight, generally riding the Master’s Pocket (he couldn’t hear the horn or hounds and didn’t like to wear his hearing aides mounted) so I listened for him and gave him the occasional lead over fences. Then I changed horses (started a younger fellow who never did catch on to jumping, but he’s great otherwise) --to second flight. I like second flight, but there isn’t the excitement of first flight. I could buy another hunter with better scope, but I like the horses I ride (I alternate between two) --and at my vast age, one worries about falls --and even the best riders take a tumble now and then.

For now, I still look forward to the Sunday hunt --the massive feed after --and seeing long time friends --and well, the hunt ball --it’s the last black tie event husband I attend --he looks smashing in a tux and has always been a great dancer (ballroom). He makes it such fun. But I can see a future when we too will be selling our hunting coats.


I third calling Middleburg Tack Exchange.

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I sold all my stuff lickety split on Foxhunters Online (email list)

I think they moved to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/444429112299080/


Middleburg Tack Exchange is the obvious one.

I have had some luck selling hunting stuff on ebay; tons of quick results from foxhunting groups on FB.

Rachel’s Riding Closet
Fox-unters on Facebook
JNAFHC Fox Hunting Tack and Attire
Foxhunters exchange USA
Foxhunting (mounted) apparel for sale

Please also PM me details. I know a gentleman who needs evening scarlet.

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@McGurk. Hummm, tried to PM–no luck. Have another hunt member interested–will get back with u. Tail coat is a 44 chest …

There are some FB groups that specialize in hunting attire and some individuals who will offer consignment hunt clothes (On The Hunt Outfitters will occasionally though it’s not her main business model). I’ve bought most of my tweeds used from FB or ebay, or from tack stores in hunt areas (Aiken, Southern Pines, Middleburg).

Have one club member interested – but not committed as of yet --hoping to avoid removing all the buttons! They are hunt club logo . . .

I’ve managed to sell one on fb so far… I still have 2 available so we’ll see