Best Western Shim Pad

I have a horse that is currently in the process of filling out but he is high withered horse. I suspect he’ll always need a pad that has a front shim on it permanently. What’s the best permanent shimmed western pad out there?

Biofit Correction Pad seems to work on a number of horses and holds up well.

This is the one I use. I cringe at the price but it works great. I ride mostly young, growthy horses and I like that it conforms to various backs/withers. You can open it up easily and add or pull out the thin felt shims as needed. Check the measurements for your western saddle, though, because it’s not an oversized pad. It’s quite trim.

I also use a Toklat T3 Matrix shim pad and love it. It’s a great pad that is washable (with the inserts and shims removed). I do wish it was a little bit longer for my bigger western saddle. I love the pad and it works well with my gelding.

Yes, it’s very washable (I hand wash it outside in a tub and then hose it clean) and I also wish it was just an inch bigger all the way around. :disappointed_relieved:

Not sure if you are still in the market, but I have a Diamond Wool Shim pad (barely used!) that I am looking to sell. You can PM me if interested, I attached a picture. It’s very good quality wool and can be shimmed in any configuration. Shims are about 1/2 inch thick. (I prefer to have shimmed pads too so that they’re not locked down to one individual horse). I especially like that they come in barrel/round skirt sizes with wither relief and in fun colors.

Classic equine makes a good shimmed pad. They’re honestly my choice for 90% of my pads aside from the couple very wide and round ladies that go in a won pad for non stickage