Beval vs. Beval Butet?

So call me stupid, but I’m trying to purchase a 17" butet P seat, with regular or long flaps, and a medium-narrow to medium-wide sized gullet. Although I’m seeing a lot of saddles with reference to ‘bevel butet’. Could someone explain the difference? Maybe which one is considered better quality? or more expensive? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

For years Beval was the sole distributor of Butet saddles in this country, but I believe several years ago Butet began to handle their own distribution. There was never any connection between Butet saddles and Beval’s own saddle brands. I am not currently riding so I don’t know if the quality of the newer Butet saddles is the same, not as good or better. Butet used to be one of my favorite saddles.

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