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Brits pretty much laid the gauntlet today in dressage.

I am very excited as going to watch on Sunday

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In the 4* S there are 38 riders scored below 30. (So far)

Finished up at 41.

Goodness, that was a tough 4L course: beautifully designed and built but the terraine was finding them out, the lack of match practice this season showed. The cream came to the top but there were also some really surprising run-outs, horse and/or rider running out of puff and a lack of experience evident in some. But most horses seemed to learn and finished looking well. I hope the Bricton 4 stays in the calender.

It won’t - it’s a one off as the 5 year contracts for internationals were handed out in 2018 in a tender process. They can bid in 2023 for the next allocation.

Ah yes, I forgot that. Bicton made a bid but failed in the last round.

Horse fatality today, another on the toll for CMP.

Not a peep about it either. Word was the rider was riding like a bat out of hell and just ran into the fence. Anyone see it?

Was it the nine year old chestnut (don’t recall rider/name)? The fall that had a 30 min+ hold after then never mentioned again on the commentary (understandably given that situation was probably still being managed).

If that was the fall (I don’t recall any others that we didn’t see horse get up) was terrifying, rider launched and horse flipped some how landing very hard on its back all four feet in the air. Just awful fall to watch.

Mugsgame wrote something that has now disappeared.

That’s a bit OTT, but don’t let your prejudices get in the way :roll_eyes:

You’ll find a report on H&H;

She had already finished the 4*L-U25 in 11th place.

Is it though? How many is it now? How many is too many?

That being said it seems this was also a rider responsibility thing.

The course was designed by Helen West.

On schedule tab.

Would suggest that you ascertain the facts before getting you knickers in a knot.

Why does it say CMP elsewhere?

Helen West runs Bicton. Mark Phillips was in an advisory role as the course was put together in a very few weeks. The riders were very complementary about it.

I’m a low level event rider so not very knowledgeable. Is it normal to run a horse so often? It looks like BE have pulled down Hendrix’s results search as it’s not coming up now but I did have a look last night.

April 2 - Oasby - I - 40.8
April 16 - Burnham - CCI-S 3* - 90.8
April 30 - Cirencester Park - I - 34.9
May 12 - Aston Le-Walls - A - 48.9
May 27 - Houghton - CCI-L 3* - 38.7
June 9 - Bicton - E HF

Back in 2019 there was a E HF at Intermediate with Rosie Thomas after a similar schedule.

Mar 7, Apr 6, Apr 20, Apr 27, then fall on May 8. Completed 14 events in 2019. Is this normal??? It seems like a hell of a lot to ask of a horse.


The Pig Arcs were not a hard fence as it was up to the rider if they took on the acute angle or straightened for it more and wasted time. I have just looked at London 52 over them on a picture and he looked a bit slow in front vs Allstar B who looked spot on (look at SWB photography on FB). Looks like if you find the optimal spot for take off then it was all good as needed a little more space in front that you first think. The issues at the fence were caused by riders. Either too long and flat as it was slightly downhill to the fence or hooking into the bottom of it which would mean they do not have enough time to get the front legs out of the way and would breast it. I saw both happen and hence why it had more falls than it should have for such an innocuous fence. Riders just did not respect it enough and were too busy thinking about the fence after which was tricky.

The course was superbly designed. It was a course which meant riders had to use their brains. It is certainly not fair to lambast the course designer for what are rider screw ups. One of the horses who went round was 24 years old. He looked a picture but the rider got 84 time and took long routes, it was just the culmination of a dream to get there and rode the horse she had accordingly.


Thats absolutely amazing!!