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Big Horn Reining Saddle #860

Hello, I am looking for either a Big Horn Reining Saddle #860 or a saddle that is similar. I really like the design, but can’t seem to find something like it in my price range. I’m looking for something under $700. I found a Big Horn #854 in my price range, but I really like the #860 as it’s more of an all around and would be more compatible for roping and light ranch work as well. I’m looking for something for Ranch Horse versatility. Does anyone have one for sale, or know of a different brand and model that would be similar? I want something close contact with cut out skirts, but sturdy with a bit of a larger horn then most reining saddles have. Any thoughts? Big Horn’s #860 is the top saddle in this photograph:


I’m not stuck on the Big Horn Brand at all, just really like that style. Any thoughts on where I could find something like that? Thanks!