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"Big Lick" TWHs ~ Now in Canada


Process: noun: process; plural noun: processes;

1.a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

The Sound Horse Movement for the Tennessee Walking Horse has been a “Process.”

Emergency Triage Protocols have changed since I used them on the battlefield, but I remember how we did it ~~~ first by;

1). Identifying, 2). Assessing; 3). Treating; 4) Evaluating ~~~followed lastly by 5). ~~~~ Followup.

This past Sunday, a Canadian Family Series called; “Heartland” aired a drama highlighting our American Situation with The Tennessee Walking Horse with the "Soring of the Tennessee Walking Horse for the sole purpose of entertainment known as the The “Big Lick Horse.”


Although a Dramatized presentation it is more than enough to add to the voice of the Sound Horse Movement in raising the consciousness of the problem.

We are always happy to help people who approach us and ask us to help them understand the issues and really glad when folks take an interest in what we say. AND at the top ~~~ When they act on it!

Here are points in the show that we recognized,

  1. The Vet walks into a dark, stank barn, covers his nose because of the smell ~~~ Where’d they got that from?:


2). She talks about the chemicals used to sore horses;


3). Then they are watching videos of the Celebration that segues into tracking down the “Jackie McConnell inferred Trainer” that got busted and the reporter tracking him down at home, note this guy shutting a driveway gate and Jackie closing his backyard gate.


“Horse Rescue!” They take this horse and rescued him;

She names him “Lucked Out!” ~~~ I’m still thinking about this ?

4).Then she talks about how they do it by cheating and corruption as she says' There's always somebody out there that willing to do anything for money!" 


I wanna add a deeper malignancy to the identified problem.

“Corruption” N.

  1. the act of corrupting or the state of being corrupt.
    2.perversion of integrity.
  2. corrupt or dishonest proceedings.

The current Executive Committee leaders of our Parent Registry Organization, The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association wants to continue this “Culture” of The Sore Tennessee Walking Horse for the purpose of Showing.

Whether it is Padded and Chained or Flat Shod, along with The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, Inc in Shelbyville, TN they speak of in the movie who facilitates and promotes the continued soring of horses for profit.

We have many conscientious people trying to end both of these malignancies, as she says about us “Below the Boarder.” ~~~ Now we have awaken the consciences’ of The Canadians!

Through the constant awareness and the courageous voices that press the issue forth even in the company of opposition is Da right thang to do!

Remember people ~~~“There’s Always Gonna Be Opposition to Every Godly Plan!”

Your time will come, when that right situation presents itself to ya, you will take that stand, you will educate, you will forward the concept that all this must cease and desist~~~it may be publicly or in a private conversation, your voice will be moving the process along of freeing all horses from the terrible act of soring for exhibition and profit.

You will also find what it is that you are suppose to do ~~~ this TV show’s sponsors, producers, director, actors and all of the people connected with making a show like this, BELIEVE! THIS is wrong and that you should know about it!

Find, Seek it out, if you don’t wanna do that, then, Accept ~~~ whatever it is that presents itself to you to do…and this time! ~~~Act On It!


The Preacher