Bigger seat size?

I’m trying a monoflap that I really like. I’m usually a 17.5", but I like the 18" in this one. I’ve noticed a lot of 18.5" seats in the monoflaps. I’m new to eventing (not to jumping) and I’ll be starting out at Novice, but I do want the ability to move up with the saddle.

When should you go with that extra .5"? Is it more for upper level XC?

I went up half an inch. Just the style of different saddles can require different sizes.

Different saddles often ride very differently than their measurements might make you think. Go with what is comfortable for you.

I usually ride in a 17, but my Ainsley Chester is a 16 and feels big, and I tried some dressage saddles that measured 17.5 and I could barely fit into them.

Seat size will vary among the same size due to the following differences:
seat depth
pommel and cantle rise
cut back head
block placement
available seat platform area
and I’m sure I’m missing some things.

If you have a long thigh or want to move back on the saddle over drops or down sides of jumps, then a longer or larger seat area can be beneficial.

Some of my saddles are 17.5s and some are 18s. It really just depends on the saddle and what feels right. I am very tall and average weight-wise, super long femur. I do not have a large derriere. Even with a long forward flap sometimes I just need the 18 to make the balance point work, but not always. Go by how the saddle rides and not the numbers.

Some saddles are just known to “ride small” too. My Tad Coffin, for example. Many ads for those will even say “18, rides like a 17.5…”

My Stubben dressage saddle is an 18 as well, I think dressage saddles in general ride small because they are more confining and if you have a long femur you’ve got to have some extra space. Even with the longer stirrups it’s an issue.

If you like the 18 best, get the 18 and don’t think twice about it. It doesn’t mean anything bad.

You are talking about a x-c saddle, right?

Lucinda Green always said she rode in a saddle a tad too large for her so if she got left behind she would land back in the saddle.

My own saddle is a little big - I ordered an extra long flap to take up my femur
and actually could have gone down a bit in the size with this flap. I do swim in it a bit, but do like the saddle and fit.