Bike shorts for riding? Or other ideas? LoL

Hi! I grew up riding English in Sweden. I never remember that my butt would get very sore unless I went on a bareback ride or something like that. However whenever I’ve ridden in a western saddle recently as an adult my butt literally cannot handle it LOL. I did invest in a fleece saddle cover which helped a few years ago when I did some riding. I’m about to get started riding again, mostly trail and such but not on my own horses. Looking for anything that can help with not getting saddle sores. Its usually not the muscles that are hurting for me, but I have a very so to say bony butt, with my seat bones not having much cushion at all.

Has anyone tried using biking shorts to see if that helps?

From what I remember of using my fleece pad it felt like it moved around a bit much and would come off during trot etc. But maybe there are better brands out there that has something sticky on the underside…
Ideas are super welcome :pray:

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Acavallo seat savers (gel/memory foam) are spendy but effective, in my experience. The part that touches the saddle is sticky gel-type material and the part that touches the rider is a felt-type material.

I have only tried bike shorts in an English saddle, but I find the bulk distracting and chafing rather than cushy. (Not sure why - I really like them for actually biking. I guess there is quite a bit more motion to horses than bikes.)

I have to imagine that you can also shop for a cushy saddle when the time comes?

Fit matters in a Western saddle as much as an English saddle. If the seat curves wrong for you it will hurt. Also if it forces you into a chair seat that might hurt. Western saddles do come with padded seats.

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I have a friend who is very thin. She wears bike shorts under her jeans when she rides and says they work great.


From loping cutting horses for quite awhile, you’ll develop calluses.
But typically baby powder and bike shorts are a go to, especially if you’re show help.

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I took a riding hiatus almost 10 years ago and when I got back to riding it was western…I can remember almost crying in pain when I rode two days in a row. :rofl:
They make memory foam covers for seats but I toughed it out and got callouses on my rear.
A different brand may be helpful. While I’m not a huge fan of the brand over all (I ride a dozen horses a day and they haven’t held up for me to ride that much) Continental Saddlery makes lovely double padded seats that feel like a cloud. Most other brands will make a double padded seat if you ask.
If you’re looking to keep an existing saddle, a saddle repair man can add padding to the seat.
I’ve never tried bike shorts but it could be an inexpensive trial!


Thinline seat saver western