Billy and Blaze

for those who are waiting for the release (like me) I got a response from them

thank you for following along with us on our Billy and Blaze journey.

Although we do not have an exact release date yet, the film is coming along beautifully and we will share any timeline updates with all of you as we get them. We are excited and appreciate your continued support as we strive to bring this film to the theater.

Stay tuned

here is the link to movie web site


Might be something to take out at the library, hope they have it!

Looks so sweet! Can’t wait to see it!

Just wanted to give an update on this. The filmmakers have apparently exhausted the funding and need more money to complete the post-production, so the film will remain unreleased until money is found to complete it. This occasionally happens with indie films, which depend heavily on investors to finance shooting and post-production.

Crappy time right now to be in the film industry. I hope they get some funding so they can finish this.

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