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Billy Cook Saddle

Hi all! I’m asking for a friend, he wants to buy this saddle but they asked him an inexpicable low price, he’s wondering wether the saddle is original or not. Can you help us?

I put the serial number on Billy Cook’s website but I had no results

Looks like the pro reinier I used to own. I really like this saddle, but it never fir my horse. I would buy another in an instant if it had the tree size I need. It looks like a legit Billy Cook to me. Whether they actually have the saddle and will ship it to you and whether it is stolen or not are totally separate questions.


Does the saddle have some other issue, like a broken tree, to bring the cost down? Has he “actually touched it” in person to determine any other issues with it? I almost bought an English saddle with a broken tree, but it “moved too much” as I looked it over.

Yes you can have a tree repaired, but is saddle worth investing more into? Bought cheap, good name, maybe yes to rebuilding it.

He has the saddle so no problems with shipping. I asked him to check the tree carefully and it seems ok to him. We saw on the net that new its price is about 2k euros, they are selling it for 500 euros which is really cheap for and original Billy Cook in that condition

Maybe they just need some quick cash and aren’t using the saddle? If it looks sound and it fits horse and rider I’d get it.