Biothane tack

In order to shake off a fit of ennui yesterday, i bought three sets of biothane tack. Hunter Orange, Turquoise and a Navy w/gray camo overlay. I got breast collars, cruppers and halter-bridles w/reins of each collar. Now i have to wait. I’ve used plenty of biothane leashes for my dogs, but never reins. How slip-y are they?

I can’t speak to riding tack, but switched to biothane harness after leather care (quickly) became a PITA.
I chose the granite - non-shiny - finish for its look of leather & nowhere it touches the horse is it slippery.
If mini sweats, I want slippery so it doesn’t rub.

The lines (reins) get slick if they get wet, but have plenty grip when dry.

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Is it Beta. biothane? If so it will be plenty grippy even when wet or covered in ice as it has a slight texture.

I love it! All my strap goods and harnesses are Beta.


Yes, it’s beta biothane. They give you the option of putting grippy bumpy ends on the reins, but i didn’t want the sewn transition, ie: a visual break, in the smooth line of my reins. Good to know it’s not too slip-y. I’m thinking about getting a harness. I JUST got finished cleaning and oiling my LaSalle one and now i don’t want to use it! LOL.

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I had a full zilco set back in the day. The had rubber grip sew into them(I don’t really know how to describe it…kind of sewn)…Unfortunately, mine melted the first summer I had them. I still used them for years after that, but be careful with them if you live in a warmer climate. They were also slightly wider than I like to have in my hands.

But, looking at their new reins, they are much different that that original set I had(circa 2002ish). They appear narrower and of better rubber quality where your hands would be.

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Since you already ordered, maybe this doesn’t help, but I did find the smooth Beta a bit too slippery when my horse sweat from his neck got on the reins, even with wearing gloves. I switched to the bumpy grip and love it. All you can do is try it, how fun, three new colors, sounds lovely! (my horse wears hunter orange and black, I love it!)

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My driving lines are super slick and have no “body” to them for lack of a better word, They feel like wet noodles. I swapped them out for leather.

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I looked at it but it seemed so light and flimsy after always using leather. I ride using John Lyons rope reins which are really substantial and I have several of his bridles as well and( I admit) after 20 years of daily use and never being cleaned or oiled they are not stiff or cracked. I did just buy some conditioner because I felt guilty finally…

Hopefully you will be pleased with all you bought. I do like the colors they come in.

I also replace biothane/beta reins with leather reins.

The horses don’t seem to mind the headstalls, fortunately, but the skin of my fingers just hate the feel of the synthetic reins. I have no skin problems like I do with the rubber reins, it is just that my fingers just hate how the beta reins feel.

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I found that biothane got too hot for my horse where I am (SWUS). But that was from years ago, yours sounds lovely!

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I have a zilco english bridle and breast plate in…

Has lasted for many years.
I love that I can just everything in the washing machine and comes out like new
The reins are part biothane and fabric where you hold them so they are fine.

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you can put your harness in the washer? even with the metal hardware? wow…pretty amazing. What kind of washing machine do you have?

I’m not crazy about biothane reins but have some for my blaze orange add-on bridle that look great on my almost black horses.

I love my tekna reins though.

Despise nylon reins and round rope but flat polypropylene rope reins are fine. I have terrible hand arthritis and that effects what I can tolerate.

Also brand new or squeaky clean biothane is much slippier than older dirty biothane.

Washing machine, pshaw. Dishwasher is the way to go.


I ride with Beta split reins that have a leather texture. They are matte and a bit thicker than the buckled Beta reins prior to this set, which seemed too rubbery and floppy. This set feels solid but not heavy, and just the right amount of grippy.

Second using the dishwasher to clean my tack!

I love my beta reins and prefer the non-pebbled ones. Normal biothane can be slippery when wet (and very stiff when cold).

If you don’t like the reins, drop me a PM with what type your orange ones are and the price as I am looking for another set.