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Birds do it, Bees do it... But Goldfish?

I’ve posted before about miraculously appearing wee fish in my stock tank that houses the Goldtrout.
Third time seems to be The Charm, as latest guy now looks too big to be eaten.
My question is:
How & were there more than this survivor?

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You can tell the male and female goldfish in a couple ways. Males will have little bumps on the gill covers and his vent will be a bit smaller than the female’s. He will chase her around the tank and when she’s ready, she will drop the eggs and he will follow up and fertilize. The next time around the tank they both start eating. The eggs that are missed become fish.

PS: If you let these things go for too many generations, the Goldtrout become Greentrout.


Probably not going to be doing any gill or vent comparisons… :smirk:
But good to know about the How.
The latest was sooty dark at first, getting golder as he/she grows.

My last bunch of Goldtrout - oldest 10yrs+ - kept their gold & parti colors.
But if this batch lives & reproduces longer, maybe green will happen :woman_shrugging:

Well now I really want to see some green goldfish…