Bit advice - Mullen mouth

Looking for a hunter-equitation legal bit recommendation! My horse is a 5 year old giant - 17.2 and extremely long. He’s slow but gets strung out very easily so he requires a TON of leg and hand to keep him packaged. On the flat, he goes really great in a 3 ring rubber Mullen mouth (seems to prefer the Mullen) that I use on the 2nd ring. However, it’s too much over fences and since he already likes to be slow he just gets way behind my leg. Also obviously it’s not legal to show in. For jumping, I’ve just had him in a rubber Mullen mouth D ring which does work overall pretty well, but he gets so much more hollow in it than the 3 ring. He’s green, so hopefully this will all come together with more training, but curious if anyone can think of a good alternative to his D ring that might be gentler than the 3 ring but could get him rounder than the D. All I can come up with is a rubber Mullen Pelham, but feel like that might just be the same problem as the three ring (correct me if I’m wrong). Also might even be an alternative to the Mullen since there aren’t a whole lot of options on the sides in the hunters. Thanks!

I like a short shank (tom thumb) pelham for the really heavy ones. However, if he is going decent in the D ring I would probably stick it out with that considering hes so young. Lots of up and forward flat work should help with his balance and strength, also lots of releasing/leg yielding/riding straight lines will help him carry himself instead of hanging on you.

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Tried a copper or steel mullen mouth snaffle?

What about a loose ring? I also have a horse that goes well in mullen mouths, and decided to try him in a leather bit. He LOVES it! I highly recommend the leather bits to horses that seem to like the mullen mouths.

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