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Bit advice?

I am looking for a good double jointed eggbutt snaffle for my green horse. I like the sprenger dynamic rs sensogan eggbutt, but it is a little pricey! Are there any similar bits on the market for a lower price? Or should I take the plunge and get this bit? All advice is appreciated!


Like this?

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I prefer a french link eggbutt snaffle with a lozenge in the middle, instead of flat.

Maybe try the eggbutt with a lozenge.

$170 for a bit?

My sensitive obese Friesian sport horse goes in the bit that skipollo linked to. It does the job perfectly.

I also use a $9.95 sweet iron loose ring with a lozenge/oval thing on my 5YO mare. Works great.

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JER where did you get the 9.95 bit at??

I would see if you can try borrowing a few options to see what your horse likes before investing. I was given a classic Sprenger loose ring with the angled lozenge; I was so excited as this was top-flight bitting, right? My horse HATED that bit. I came to the realization that he had a biggish tongue and a lowish palate and much preferred a flat French link plate over anything with a bean, lozenge, or single joint.


I used this one on my horse while I waited to find a used Sprenger in his size. I think he liked both bits about the same.


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I got mine at a western-y place like a Tractor Supply.

But Stateline has the same bit for $14.99.


I like this bit a lot and have used it over the years on a number of horses. I have versions with the oval thing, french link and regular jointed snaffle.

(Now that I think about it, I’ve used this bit on my worst pullers. I had two horses in particular who pulled. Never mind that old rubbish about ‘it takes two to pull’. If you believe that, you’ve never had a true puller. But the sweet iron bit at least gave me a chance to reason with them, despite how mild it is. Stronger bits, they’d just set their mouths against them.)

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x2 for this bit as a good substitute for the HS

There are lots of pre-owned HS bits in the Facebook tack trading groups.

Is there someone you can borrow a couple bits from? Or even a tack store where they do bit rentals? It is a huge investment, if you can try before you buy it’s a lot easier!

For me it it was a clear difference riding my mare in a regular bit (eggbutt with lozenge) versus her KK ultra bit- she’s much happier in the sprenger.

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There’s this one on Smartpak that has the round lozenge in the middle and is about $30

When I had my horse on trial he was going in a HS french link loose ring. I already had that sweet iron one that JER linked to, so I’ve since ridden him in that and I didn’t notice any difference from the HS. I don’t use that bit with him anymore since I’ve found a different one that he goes better in, but I definitely think that he didn’t like the lack of steadiness with the two joint loose ring. I would also recommend borrowing bits to try out–depending on what he needs work on with the contact, it might be worth trying a rubber bit or Mylar-type as well. That’s what ended up working for me personally with a horse that was hesitant about accepting the bit.