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Bit for horse with big tongue and lips

5/15 EDIT: I purchased a Verbindend loose ring and universal and he loves it. The loose ring is great for hack rides and the universal is perfect to the jumps. I had purchased a myler as well but decided to return it before trying it since the verbindend was so nice. Thanks for the recommendations!

On a recent exam of my horse’s mouth I found some concerning sores and redness.
Both corners of his mouth, inside and not visible unless I pull out his lip and look inside his mouth, have small sores. They’re the same on both sides.

He also has some red marks that look like bruising on his tongue, approx 1/4 of the way up from his front teeth to the end of his visible tongue. The left looks worse than the right side.

So I realized his tongue is very big, and it seems like there is significantly less room for a bit than a normal horse. He also has very big lips. I’ve tried to do some research on bits based on mouth anatomy but haven’t had too much luck.

He tends to canter with his mouth open, sometimes he is heavy and sits in my hand, and frequently over fences he grabs the bit and pulls. I keep thinking I need more bit but he’s sensitive so too much bit and we aren’t moving anywhere, but now I think I just need the right fit. I’m wondering now if I find a bit that fits properly these things might stop.

His teeth were done by our vet 2 months ago, nothing was of concern then. These have developed over the past 2 months. The only new thing is we ride in a happy mouth 2 ring with rubber bit guards. It does not have any sharp chew marks in it.

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When I had a horse like this, I eventually rode him bitless, which was more comfortable for him. Before then, I rode him either in a PeeWee snaffle (very thin mullen mouth) which my other horses also like, but which may be too untraditional for a hunter, or a Myler Triple Barrel Mullen.

Another bit that many horses find comfortable is the Neue schule Verbindend.

Have you tried him in a hackamore or a side pull?

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I have tried a hackamore before. I like it on the flat, but over fences the last time I rode in it I was being dragged down the lines. That was almost a year ago, I haven’t jumped in it since so I should try it again.

Check out the Jumpe Alupro Bit. I am using it on my small mouthed, big tongued saddlebred. It molds itself to their mouth and holds the shape when you take it out, so even if the bit turns out to not be enough, it will give you an idea of what shape he can carry comfortably.


My horse doesn’t have a ton of room in his mouth, and our favorites are the Verbindend that Bogie mentioned, and Myler bits.

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You may find a good bit for your horse on the Fager sitehttps://fagerbitsusa.com. They make a lot of different bits, and I really recommend that you ask the Fager people to help you find the best of their bits for your horse. They have so many choices it can be a bit confusing to say the least. They make bits with titanium mouthpieces, sweet iron mouthpieces, with mouthpieces of various shapes, and some of their bits have center pieces made of copper/copper alloy.

One good thing about these bits for horses with small mouths is that the center joint/the double jointed joints are smaller, and the mouthpieces are not very thick.


Soreness at the corners suggests the bit isn’t wide enough. Do you have a pic of him in the bridle? A close-up of how the bit sits against his mouth?

I really like the curved nature of the Myler Comfort snaffles, as well as their lack of real thickness. That’s useful for both low palates and thick tongues.

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I’ve got one with a big tongue. When you lift his lips his tongue is usually squishing out between his teeth. Not surprising given that his muzzle is disproportionately small (but is super cute).

Anyway, he goes best in a Myler. Having a low port gives him the room that he needs. In most other bits he’ll open his mouth and brace.


Thank you! I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them here!

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