Bit for XC

My paint pony is a real powerhouse on the XC field for only being 14.1hh. For arena work (namely dressage and jumping) I use an eggbutt lozenge bit which works fantastically. However, when we’re out schooling in the field with our barnmates, my mare tries to play catch-up. She just runs right through the bridle when we gallop. I’m considering a change in bit since I’ve already tried everything I know to slow her down with aids/cues alone. Can anyone recommend something worth trying? I have a Myler low port correction dee (with option to add a curb chain) from my previous horse. I thought about trying the Myler but I wanted some outside opinions first in case their could be a better choice.

I personally use a Beval bit for XC and stadium.

It has leverage but is still pretty mild. My guy likes to dive down to pull me out of the saddle so the leverage helps.

In the past I have used a waterford D ring but he now hates it. For foxhunting I have used a 3 ring happy mouth elevator with 2 reins or a Myler Combo bit with 2 reins. I prefer to not use 2 reins if I can help it so the Beval has been great for me.
I also use a running martingale with the Beval since right before the fence he can really raise his head and get quick and strong.
A variation on the Beval is the Cartwheel bit but I have not personally used it.

I have the Stubben Golden Wings gag which is similar to the Beval bit shared above. My horse gets really strong too and I’m going to try using this bit with actual rope gag cheeks for a little extra leverage. I love the various options it offers!

I would try the Myler. That’s what I use on my horse for XC (he also does arena work in an eggbutt lozenge bit). I find it works pretty well. I used to have him in a Beval bit but it made him curl and didn’t really help a ton. Plus, with the Myler, you can put the reins on the snaffle part for SJ and then quickly switch them to the hooks for XC in between phases if they are running one after the other.

I’ll try it before I spend the money on a different bit then!

My horse has the same problem. Fortunately it is only when cantering/galloping behind another horse, or when we are warming up for XC schooling and his buddy is there and not close enough to him. All that dressage training goes out the window.

I use a wonder bit (same as the Bevel bit SM linked to). It helps very little if at all. I would try the Myler. You could also try a gag with double reins.

I think you do want to be careful that since it doesn’t sound like she actually has a problem on course that you don’t bit her up too much and back her off. That’s why I haven’t bitted up my guy (yet, I am still hoping training can help resolve the problem).