Bit guards

Hey guys,
I newly started riding/showing in jumpers, and I had to get my horse a 2 ring elevator bit, and I need to put the rubber bit guards on it, but I have no clue how to do it! I tried stretching it and getting over the rings, but I only managed to get it over 1 of the small rings… Is there any tricks to putting these on, so that they will stretch easier?? Thanks so much!

We did it - using two pieces of binder twine to stretch it - think it took two of us!
Probably warmed the rubber guard in hot water first…it was aeons ago.

Once bit guard is over the small bottom ring, hang the bit on a well secured hook, and use a hoof pick and your body weight to pull the bit guard down over the large ring.

I sprayed Pam on it once and worked like a charm. This last time no Pam on hand so put guards in warm water and pulled through while in the water (the bit guards actually had directions saying to do this).

Run hot water over it for a few minutes. It makes the rubber a bit easier to stretch.

This is SO helpful! I wish I had known this before wrangling these onto a new bit last week :lol: