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Hello, I am currently on the hunt for a fairly specific bit. The Myler® Loose Ring MB 09 3/8 Sweet Iron

I need it in 5.75 inches. However they seem to only make it as a 5 inch bit these days. That will never fit. It will be used as the bradoon in a double. Does anyone have any ideas?

As far as loose ring single jointed bradoons I found [ bits]( bits) On the left side of the page they have several different mouthpieces including single joint. These bits go up to 14.5 cm which is around 5.703 inches, not quite 5 3/4".

Thanks, of course they don’t say how thick the mouth piece is. Why do so many websites leave that info out? It makes a huge difference! I’ll submit it as a question and see if they answer it.

Another source for 5 3/4" bradoons is Horse Bits Ireland ( They have a section for double bridle bits. Their bradoons only come in titanium and are around 12mm thick (I measured my 5 3/4" bradoon from there This company measures (and manufactures) its bits in INCHES not centimeters or millimeters.

This company also has several sweet iron snaffles many of which go up to 5 3/4", but those bits do not have bradoon size rings.

What I’ve noticed, is that most bit’s have the size in inches, the thickness in mm. It’s weird. Also 10mm (just a hair over 3/8thin) is the lower limit for it to be show legal. Even if Horseworldeu gets back to me and it’s thin enough, shipping is almost half as much as the bit itself! Surely some US or even Canadian company must sell something!

Check out Stubben North America ( This bit has a copper mouthpiece. If a stainless steel mouthpiece is acceptable they also have a stainless steel 5 3/4" bradoon.

Gee, finding odd sized bits is so much fun!

I’m glad someone is enjoying it! The Steeltec Bradoon Bit from Stubben is kind of in the lead right now, loose ring, single joint, 12mm thick, comes in 5.75, but there’s no curve for any tongue relief like the myler has. The snaffle was so much easier! French link boucher, done. The specialty curb, I found a knock off of the Herm Springer, so it wouldn’t break the bank (it’s not my horse, but at the same time, I don’t want to buy/put complete crap in her mouth). But this myler is killing me! I’m also really confused as to why bit companies seem to only make bits that are 5 inches. Not everyone rides a Thoroughbred, or a little Morgan, some of us like chunky warmbloods and draft crosses!

Oh, and the Stubben is back ordered till May!

I personally have not tried it but somewhere I read that some people use a Baucher bit in place of a bradoon. You might have to punch some holes in your bradoon hanger though.

I mostly ride the smaller horses–13.2 to 15.3, often with smaller mouths. It was a real adventure to fine double bridle bits small enough for a 4 1/2" mouth which were not stainless steel. Once the horses I ride learned that there is an alternative to stainless steel bits they have been VERY firm that stainless steel bits are no longer acceptable to them.

I ended up using mostly the Fager titanium double bridle bits, but they do not make a 5 3/4" bradoon. These people do make a 145mm titanium Weymouth curb, but they have unusual ideas about the proper relationship of the widths of the Weymouth and bradoon (which did work on three horses I ride). The Fager people say that they have found that if the Weymouth is around 5mm wider than the bradoon it does not interfere with the bradoon bit.

The only reason I’ve bought the wider double bridle bits is because there are so many WBs around now that take the wider bits. I no longer own horses because I am too crippled with MS to do the work, and anyway I do not get enough money in to board at a good stable (I have my own land if I just had the energy to take care of my own horses!) I’ve noticed more WBs in the riding schools and I like being prepared with suitable double bridle bits because double bridles rarely exist in hunt seat lesson stables any more and I have to provide my own.

I really like riding in the double bridle, and if I am expected to ride a super tall horse for me I would just rather do it in a double bridle since I am so weak.

WITH MY HANDS (and your hands may be different) the horses really hated the snaffles/bradoons that give “good” tongue relief, to the point of violently slinging their heads if I was rude enough to expect them to carry one in their mouths.

Bowman Bits makes custom bits. Go to their Facebook page and request an electronic catalog. They are amazing to work with and bits are high quality. I have some that are over 20 years old going strong.

I also don’t make enough money to own :frowning: however I’m super picky so I prefer to use my own stuff if at all possible. The last horse I rode that went in a double went great in the Nueu Schule Verbinded bradoon, but I only recommend that for horses with big tongues/previous tongue injuries. My current lease uses the Myler on her double, it has just the slightest curve for tongue relief. That’s what her owner wants her in, and she’s had her for a very long time and has a large bit collection so I would bet money she tried more than a few way back when. If I don’t get something that’s at least close, I’ll have to use her bridle. I end up spending a lot of time cleaning the bridles prior to my riding since others leave it too gross (for me, others would probably say it’s fine, but I think crusty bits aren’t ok) and swapping out the reins to ones I prefer. Since my barn is still on a schedule all the bridle stuff eats into my riding time.

I’ll look at Bowman. Thanks!

I found a used one online!! Myler 5.75 3/8th inches thick, single joint. Stainless, her current one has copper insets, but her snaffle bit doesn’t so that should be fine. Her biggest complaint in life was apparently when someone tried to ride her with her double with a thicker bradoon. :laughing: When they’re that specific about what they like it’s easier to just go with it!

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I am glad that you found exactly the bit you need. What a relief!

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