Bits - Leather Bit alternative

Any good alternative to a leather bit? My guy currently is loving a leather mouthpeice in a 4.75" loose ring bit. But it does not look like leather is allowed for USDF comps. Any alternatives? Even better if they come in 4.5-4.75".

I tried a duo on him, it was not bad, but its too big.

My old mare, who had a very sensitive mouth, went very well in a Myler with a barrel after she decided that she hated her leather bit one day.

Hers was an MB-02, I believe. I don’t know what’s USEF legal, but if they are, I would look for a Myler that has a similar shape to your leather bit after use (my mare’s leather bit ended up shaped pretty much like the MB-02, so I knew that was the conformation of her mouth).

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I was going to suggest a Duo, because my last horse who went really well in a leather bit loved the Duo. This is similar, and comes in a smaller size - so could be worth a try:

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I went from a leather bit to a turtle top tactio and my mare accepted it.

My horse loved his loose ring leather bit and so far, these are the others he accepts:

  • Herm Sprenger Duo Eggbutt (I have this in 4.75" and purchased from SmartPak although it is no longer listed on their site)
  • Bombers Happy Tongue Eggbutt 115mm

I am going to try the Bombers Moulded Mullen (similar shape to leather/Duo) but have not yet got my hands on the material to see how it feels. Beris bits also has a non-metal option that is quite soft and flexible and comes in 120mm (4.7").

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Googled the Bombers Moulded Mullen – what a gorgeous bit!! It looks like an Apple product, lol. And the NS Tactio is an interesting concept. Is there anywhere in the US that still does bit trials?

I’m curious about bit trials as well! My leather loving horse is in the Bomber Blue DC Dressage which I was told was legal but it looks like it is still pending approval. I’ve emailed USDF for clarification but am looking at other options now.

I had one on trial from the “bit fitter” I consulted with.

It squeaks when the horse mouths and chews (not like chomping or destroying the bit). It is very flexible. The fitter let me take the Sprenger Duo, the Bombers Moulded Mullen and the Bomber Blue mullen ( on trial.

My horse seemed to like the Bomber Blue best, probably due to the tongue relief. He was non-committal over the Duo or Moulded Mullen. Ultimately, the synthetic material of the Bomber Blue failed within four months. Neither the bit fitter nor Bombers would stand by the product when I reported the issue. That said, I would not expect the Moulded Mullen to hold up to any use and there is nothing you can do if the mouthpiece doesn’t hold up.

I went from leather to an Expert Bit Comfy Barrel loose ring. He goes beautifully in it.

Who did you do the trial through? All the places I have seen that offer trials exclude any non metal bits which makes it even more difficult to figure out something works for my metal hater.

I have a bomber blue mouthpiece too and haven’t had any issues with it in almost a year with a horse that loves to mouth the bit BUT it hasn’t been used every day since she is in light work. It sounds like maybe the one you had was a manufacturing defect and if so, shame on them for not replacing it.