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Bits most similar to Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan D-Ring Snaffle but in smaller size?

Hey everyone! My horse seems to really like the Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan D-Ring Snaffle but the smallest I can find it is in a 5” size which is a bit wide for her. I’m hoping to find a 4.75” in a similar bit since HS doesn’t seem to make them that small. The most important qualities about this bit are the particular way the mouthpiece lies (completely flat, without any edges digging in such as they would with a typical French Link) and the fact that it is a fixed-ring. Thanks so much for any recommendations!

The WH Ultra is similar with the addition of a roller and is available in 4 3/4”. https://www.horsebitbank.com/products/sprenger-dynamic-rs-wh-ultra

I believe Sprenger bits are measured in mm and converted to inches, which means the conversion can sometimes be rounded and the bit is a hair bigger then it’s US size. Check the measurements on both the bits and your horse in mm if possible. HS has several options in 4 1/2” if you can go that small.

Neue Schule might be another option. These models come in 4 3/4”.

@GreyDes thank you so much for this! This has been extremely helpful and gives me a lot of options to look into!

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The “hunter Dee” cheek in this bit comes in a smaller size. I love this bit.

The Sprenger web site lists a 120 mm bit. This is pretty darn close to 4-3/4 inches.


This one looks perfect! Thank you so much!

I appreciate that, thank you!! I wasn’t finding it on any of the vendor websites but it’s good to know it does in fact exist!

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