Heyo I’m looking for some bit recommendations! I have a horse that I’ve been retraining, he came to me with a VERY hard mouth. Oh yah he would just bolt and there was no stopping him. Anyways we’ve been retraining to a snaffle (he was ridden western in a big curb before) and it’s been going very well!
We’ve now progressed to jumping full courses… We’re starting to do consistent 3-3’3ft. We’re able to get around but I don’t have the sensitivity that I’m beginning to need with the higher fences.

So I’m looking for a LITTLE stronger bit. I’ve ridden in a rubber mullen mouth pelham when I go off property for shows etc and I think he likes the mouth piece on that. But I don’t want to ride in the pelham all the time, so I’m looking for a bit that has a little more control/“bite” than just my simple d-ring snaffle.

I play around in different events but we do xc/jumpers/hunters mainly.

Umm I don’t know why you want to switch bits, it looks like your horse is jumping phenomenally with the pelham. <3

In all seriousness, I’m not sure what the right bit is for your horse. I used to show my gelding in a rubber mullen mouth pelham in eq and hunters. At home I used a full cheek snaffle gag. But my horse would pull down and was heavy/strong that way, the gag helped get him lighter. Using two reins on the gag correctly, it can be ridden more on the snaffle, less on gag (similar to pelham).

Lovely horse, fancy jump.

I had a tough little Standardbred mare and she field hunted beautifully in the rubber mouthed Pelham, proving that a strong bit is not always the answer.

You have come a long way in re-training…fix his elasticity so he listens to your body and hands. I’ve had super luck with a HS Duo or Nathe, more in the school of thought that less is more.

Or you might try a Waterford.

Grids will rate his pace, while you work on the obedience. All horses can present with tough mouths, but can also go lightly and feel very light aids,
with education.

If you want to have a different bit, you could try asking around your barn to see if anyone has some lying around. Its better to try your horse in them for a couple of rides to see how they will react. Obviously you’d need to clean the bits.

I personally love pelhams lol I think they are a fantastic bit. You could try a D-Ring with a slow twist - the waterford idea isn’t a bad idea either but I tend to reserve those for horses that lean on the bit.