Black breeches

I have a recognized show Saturday and it’s supposed to pour rain. Outdoor sand ring. I hesitate to wear my normal white breeches because I love them and don’t want to stain them with wet leather in addition to just the asthetics.
Dark breeches are now allowed and rain coats are allowed. I will not have help at the show so I need to decide ahead of time. I have nice black breeches that I like. A brown raincoat that’s fitted and a looser olive raincoat. I am trying to qualify for regionals soooooo….

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Those all sound fine. Wear whatever is most comfortable to ride in.


I was at a large show at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala a few weeks ago and saw a rider in black breeches. Still unusual but she looked good and there’s a lot more variety now with the new dressage attire rules.