Black Country freedom tree/serial number

I have a Black Country Quantum that I bought used and I am wondering if it has the freedom tree or not. The serial number starts with a “T”. I have seen two advertised freedom tree saddles whose serial numbers start with “T”, whereas most of the serial numbers are just numbers, so I am thinking that is an indicator. Anyone know for sure? TIA!

T means “template,” meaning that it was made off a template for a specific horse. If you contact Black Country with the serial number, they should be able to tell you more.

I was able to just email my serial number to BC on a used one I had, and they could tell me the specs including age of the saddle. So I’d try that.

T right before the number usually means it was made for Trumbull Mtn. Template is usually indicated by a seat size such as 17.5 T. A Trumbull saddle would be T1234. From whom did you buy it. We may be able to tell you.

Jay, thanks for clarifying! I only knew about the template designation - good to know that “T” can also mean Trumbull!