Black Friday 2021

Which stores or businesses will be having Black Friday sales?

I’ve got this post where I’m trying to track and update with sales for friends who keep pestering me. So far it seems like most smaller retailers are dropping their sales early this week. But I’m guessing more of the major retailers will drop later this week.

I dunno but I’m keeping a sharp eye out. I need more turnout blankets, a half pad and winter breeches.

Weatherbetta is having a big Black Friday sale.

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I checked out the official Weatherbeeta website. They don’t have many offerings for 100 gram turnouts; just one that I saw (and I own that one already). But some of their stuff is marked down a fair bit! If I needed a heavy or a medium I would have been ordering away!

I might go back and browse the turnout sheets.

Total Saddle Fit is having a 20% sale on Black Friday. I might pick up one of their half pads

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I love the 100g turnouts too. Just as an FYI, I have found them in Amigo (at Adam’s Horse Supply) and I also found a high neck Rhino in 100g. So if those are on sale anywhere…

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@lenapesadie I found this on State Line Tack:


I love the 100 grams! I bought the one you linked from Stateline last year for my younger horse. I ordered the matching neck cover recently from Amazon along with a neck cover for the WB turnout sheet.

I bought the Rhino Wug medium from Stateline last week and it came with a free 50 gram Amigo or Mio sheet. Still waiting on delivery though! But it’ll be interesting to see what the 50 gram is like.

I need a 100 gram for my senior horse and am hoping to get something a different color and fit for him. I like the look of one of the Schneider blankets for him so I’m watching to see if they have a sale!

ETA: correction the WB 100 gram that I have is the same model as the one in your SLT link but in purple and black not maroon n gray. Maybe a previous year’s color?

Oooh! Thanks for sharing!

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@MsRidiculous just posted her AMAZING Black Friday list at


Remarkable Leather Goods has 15% off their training tops with code rlgbkf15. You can also get a free solid brass or solid nickel nameplate with the purchase of any halter or lead with code rlgholiday. Thank you for supporting a woman owned small business. ETA not sure how many sales were COTHers but THANK YOU!


If anyone needs a ThinLine pad, they are 15% off at SmartPak with code BF2021. I feel like those things NEVER go on sale and I was surprised they weren’t on the list of manufacturers excluded from discounts. Also today if you spend over $225 you get a free SmartPak-brand turnout sheet. I’ve never used those before but they get reasonably good reviews.


I just stocked up on some staples that I use routinely (supplements, treats, Melp) on Smartpak to reach the $225 and got the free turn-out sheet!

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Riding Warehouse has them for 20% off! :slight_smile:

Oh oops, you’re right! I wanted a brown Trifecta and RW doesn’t have that color, but for everyone else I guess that’s a better place to go.

Equivana has 100 g Horze T/O for $71. I had been looking for a while and that seems to be the best deal.

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I wasn’t going to buy anything, but younger horse has been wearing older horse’s 100g Amigo Bravo under his Rhino rainsheet for a week. I saw Horseware Ireland now makes a 100g Rhino Plus (regular neck, V snaps and ring chest closure) with neck rug so I caved and bought one on Black Friday.

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I ended up getting a WB 100gram liner for his WB turnout sheet! But I did see those Horze TOs and they look decent! I do this all the time. Convince myself I’m gonna branch out in blanket brands and then keep buying the WBs lol.

Those look really nice! I hope it does well for you!