Black or Brown Synthetic Saddle?

Hello all! Some of you may be able to tell from my recent posts that I am training an older mare to ride again. She is a flea-bitten grey with a black and silver mane & tail. I live nearby to the Chick’s Saddlery warehouse, so I am planning on purchasing this mare a new saddle there. Although synthetic saddles aren’t the best, I am planning on purchasing the Circle P synthetic saddle. It is just something that I can start her off on, and it is currently on sale with some good reviews. I realize a used real leather saddle would be fine, but I need to bring her somewhere to get the saddle fitted, and the Circle P was already fitted to her a few days ago. My question is, which color should I get her? I feel like black would look better with her coloring, but do people view the color as cheap? I’ve posted photos below of each color along with a photo of my mare! :slight_smile: CP3420-BLK_254x380 CP3420-BRN_243x380

We have both colored synthetic Wintec saddles … actually four… the youngest is 26 years old… nothing wrong with any. Nothing. We have leather saddles that we are constantly checking for wear.

These Wintecs have well over 5,000 trail miles on each of them as we rode NATRC for years.

I lean toward the brown saddle for your horse just to minimize the number of colors on the horse to make a prettier picture. We have Bays and Buckskins so either color goes with them

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I have 2 Abetta synthetic endurance saddles and they are better quality than you think. One I have had for over 20 years and it is still going strong. I prefer black ( mine are).

I don’t know about the particular brand you are purchasing or the quality of it, but the Abettas fit well on the variety of horses we’ve used them on.

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When I bought my Big Horn synthetic years ago I dithered for a long time between black and brown for my sorrel QH. I had a bridle of each color to match whichever saddle I went with – and the only reasons I didn’t go with an Abetta was because I’d been riding a friend’s Big Horn and knew it fit my gelding and me. I ended up getting the brown Big Horn because I was also getting some new boots for myself and I liked the brown ones at the store better than the black ones. :wink:
Black tack looks good on a grey; I think brown looks even better.


I’m partial to black synthetic saddles. Those are the ones I see most often; the brown ones always seem a little off in terms of color. The color seems too light and like it is trying to look like leather by just being brown. Then again, I’m not a fan of most light-oil tack!