Black velvet skull cap cover

Anyone have a USA source for one? I can’t find one. Plenty are available in UK or Ireland but shipping is $45 and up. :grimacing:

I am no help with your question, just adding a misery loves company post. I had the same problem shopping for a specific color cover for a skull cap. UK had every color ever available with crazy shipping (understandable). I was not finding anything in the US.

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It’s so weird because in 2021 I bought a couple carriage driving hats from a gal in the UK and the postage wasn’t much at all.

A skull cap cover fits in an envelope so the 45 pound shipping quotes are puzzling.

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There are some etsy shops (also out of the UK) that do not charge that much for shipping so check those out to see if they have what you want.

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Will do, thank you!

Editing to add: found one on Etsy though my original Esty search for “skull cap cover” on Halloween week was interesting. :slight_smile:


In case anyone else is looking, Horse Country in Warrenton, VA has some on their site:


Son of a gun, thank you!! I ordered one from the UK but I’ll purchase a back up one from HC.


I’m curious why the initial quoted postage was so pricey.
Racesafe quote £22.95 to North America.
Shires Equestrian do velvet covers and they have a US operation too.

Google hates me so that might be why, but I had no luck finding a Shires skull cap cover in velvet (or in the color I was looking for previously) I did find helmet covers. Were you able to find one for a skull cap?

I don’t remember the exact numbers when I was shopping for a specific color skull cap color that I could find easily on many sites in the UK and not any in the US, the shipping from the UK sites was crazy. When I found one on Etsy I did not realize I was buying from someone in the UK, their shipping was not cheap but not stupid expensive.

Hmmm, I’m wondering if there is a bit of a language thing here. The UK tends to talk of “riding hats” and so looking for riding hat covers brings up a lot of choice. A skull cap or jockey skull is sometimes called a “helmet” because it is plain and not velvet and/or bling covered, but it is also a hat. Anything that is called a hat or helmet cover will be for a skull cap.

In Eventing one wears a “riding hat” - the peaked, velvet covered thing or more modern equivalent - for dressage and show jumping but a peaked hat is not permitted xc so everyone swaps to a jockey skull / “helmet” with their colours.

I feel a conversation about terminology coming up soon with my horsey friends …

P.S. if you ever want a hat cover, PM me and I’ll walk the 100 m to my local tack shop, purchase one and put in an envelop with a couple of quids worth of normal postage. They only weigh a few grams. That is why I’m puzzled by the high shipping costs.

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Oh how interesting.

Thank you for explaining the difference in terminology.

It also explains whey covers with a hard brim are easy to find in the UK.

I have no idea but here is the exact message the shop owner sent. Does the symbol in front of the 50 not mean pounds??

“The hat covers are for the skull caps. They are one size and minimum shipping cost to the US in €50.

£ = pounds UK
€ = euros EU

And it still looks like excessive postage for something that only weighs a few grams!

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I agree, that shipping quote was a “go away, don’t bother us” quote.

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