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Blanket for stocky Haflinger

I bought an Amigo light and mid weight wug. The length was good but chest is tight! One of the girls at the barn suggested a modification that may help the fit but not sure if I should do that or suck it up and return them (bought online) and get something that fits better right out of the bag. My pony has the typical haflinger build bulldoggy wide chest thick neck. Any suggestions?

I have a very stocky QH/Draft X and I use the Rambo Optimo on him because he’s so huge in the chest. It works great, but the Optimo runs larger than the original Rambo- He’s an 81 in the Original but a 78 in the Optimo.

I have a couple of wide chested QH’s and have difficulty fitting blankets. I have found that virtually any make that has large gussets fits just fine. If the gussets are small ones or there are no gussets then the blanket fits in length but is way too tight around the chest.
Example: I just grabbed a photo of any blanket that I know would fit my horse so you could see the gusset size.


The blanket that fits best on our Haflinger is the Hug style. Do they even still make them?

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I have a Weatherbeeta and it does OK.

I ended up getting Dover’s Northwind as they have gussets and an adjustable chest buckles with snaps. They are on the way, will let you know how they fit! Thanks everyone!

Hmm… We tried a Northwind, I think -it was years ago, for a chunky, but also long Friesian. Fit great up top, but was way too deep - like far below the knees. Same goes for the Amigo/Rambo. If it fits okay in the shoulders, the length and depth are too much. The Hug was a hand-me-down and the elastic in the neck area was already a bit stretched which really helped. If the Northwind doesn’t work - maybe contact one of the Haffy breeding farms. They ought to be experts!