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Blanket Hangers

It’s that time of year again and I need to confront the specific question of a system for hanging wet blankets until they dry and I can fold them and put them on the shelves I use for that purpose.

I’m not talking about washing them and letting them dry - just drying when wet from rain or snow.

My space is extraordinary limited. I actually have this blanket rack but I just don’t have enough wall space to mount it.


So I was wondering if I could rig up some kind of frame and pulley system so that I could mount the rack onto the frame and hang it from a cross beam in the ceiling at one end of the aisle. Has anyone tried such a thing before? Would love any advice/input/photos you may have.

I can not picture how one would mount that rack in a way that would lift and lower up into the ceiling well. (I am sure it is doable, I just can not picture it.)

If you want to hang blankets up in the rafters you could just do your pully system and clip the blanket to the end of the rope. I would think that would work fine for a few blankets in one location.



Maybe get these, and hang them individually wherever you can, instead of all in one spot?

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I hang laundry lines with clips on the end in my wash stall and equipment shed. Wash stall is warmer/dryer but sometimes I need to use it! Set eye bolts in the wall, clip up line when you need it, clip off when you don’t. Cheap too! It wouldn’t be hard to rig a pulley system if you have high ceilings.


I have a few of these and some cheaper ones from Ikea with 4 bars for saddle pads.

check bike storage systems. this is Model# HWD630542 available at Home Depot for $35


and this is Model# CBH50- for $26 at Home Depot



How many blankets do you have to dry at a time? I have a small (5 stall) facility and have a few rolling clothes racks that collapse down for summer storage.
I like them because I can put them in the sun when it’s sunny, and roll them to the end of the barn aisle or into the wash rack if they are dripping wet. The only downside I’ve found is that if they’re outside and it’s windy, they will roll around or blow over if they aren’t against a fence. They work great inside. I can fit two blankets on each rack if they aren’t too wet, the ends just hang off a bit. Best with one blanket per rack.

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I use a heavy duty tack hook and a stepstool.

For hanging folded I use a rubber covered stall chain.

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These are what I was going to suggest as well

I have hooks that are sized to go over a rafter and I use a broom stick to lift the blanket.


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If you’re hanging from a single hook, take a leaf out of the Standardbred guys’ book. They often have harness bags strung up in front of every stall. All you need to raise unwieldy things like blankets and harness bags out of the way are 3 heavy eye hooks, some rope, and 2 clips of your choice.

  1. Put eye hook way up where you want the item to be held
  2. Put another eye hook at the same height against the wall
  3. Put another eye hook at a convenient level to handle as often as you will be handling the up and down of stuff.
  4. Tie rope to your hook that you’ve chosen to hang stuff from and thread rope through all the eye hooks
    5 Pull the rope so your hook is taught against the top eye hook
  5. Mark your rope where it touches the bottom eye hook and tie an overhand knot in it leaving a little loop
  6. Clip a double end snap to it and hook it to your bottom eye hook. This is your Stuff Raised Up to the Rafters Hook.
    8 Unclip the snap from the lower ring and let the hook slide down to a level that is comfortable for you to load wet blankets and stuff with
  7. Mark the rope where it touches the lowest eye hook
  8. Tie an overhand knot leaving a little loop and snap on a double ended snap. That is your Stuff in Lowered Position hook.

Pour yourself a drink and have a little lie down - you accomplished big things without much effort and very, very little expense. Last time I checked at the barn I used to be at, the original ropes and hooks were still going strong over 20 years after their original installation.

If you want to get fancy - use a pulley in place of an eye hook at your up high against the wall position. Not strictly necessary, but it does make the contraption a little nicer to use. (but, pulleys need occasional cleaning/oiling - eye hooks do not :smiley: )

If none of this makes sense I will make a little drawing :slight_smile: Let me know.


I use a rafter hook and hang them up. 3.00 a piece at Home Depot and will hold soaking wet blankets up to 50 lbs.

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My solution may be restricted to my setup :smirk:
I hang blankets - up to 3: horse, pony, mini - on the paired 12’ wide 5-bar gates (two 6’ gates) between my barn & the attached indoor.
I drape them side-by-side side, half inside, half outside over the top of the gate.
If they’re wet, horse blanket goes by itself horizontally on 1 side, mini & pony stacked on the other (mini on top).

Thanks to all of the suggestions!

Randomly, on a different forum I saw someone recommend these:

I think these will fit in my tiny, tiny space! So no need to rig anything (I hope).