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Blanket Recommendations for Senior Horse

My 31 y/o Quarter Horse gelding has been losing a lot of topline this year. I have the VTEK turnout sheet from Schneider’s, but his other previous blankets just aren’t going to work on his withers now. Any suggestions for the older horse?

I like the high neck models.

Schneider’s has them, and probably most of the rest of the outlets. My eldest is pushing 30, with a loss of topline, too. I have a Schneider’s medium weight turnout for winter. He remains toasty in our climate, which is mild–coldest I remember is slightly above freezing (32 degrees). His rain sheet has an attached hood, which I also like.

My 30 yo with a sway back and no muscle on his topline enjoyes his Rambo Wug.

My 30 yo with a sway back and no muscle on his topline enjoyes his Rambo Wug.[/QUOTE]

second this!

3rd for Rambos. I have 2 older mares that used to get horrible blanket rubs, someone recommended a Rambo and I will never have them in anything else again.

I have an older man now and many old horses that needed great blankets.
I love the VTEK from Schneiders. I have the fly sheets, the tos, the sheets, 200 gms, 350 gm and the 440 I think is the big one and that comes with the hood attached.

I also like cut back blankets for thoroughbreds, but I buy those as stable blankets or as underblankets .
Wugs Rambos are so expensive, I think the sstack (Schneiders) line are a very good quality for the money. I dont have to put up with other horses tearing at my boy, he is home with us. If I had Rambos or Wugs on and another horse shredded them, I just dont know what I would or could do about that. When I have some of my horses out for training or in a group, I deliver great mounds of old blankets and ask for specific combinations. Some barns will follow up with your needs.

My WB is 19 this year and has great high withers long neck and beefy shoulders. He also measures an 87 " blanket size. Not true!!! His real blanket size is anywhere from an 80-84". It depends on the manufacture and the model. I hate sending blankets back, its almost as expensive as the blanket itself. We have decided here to order stacks through our tack shops and they can take the returns with their accounts with various manufacturers.

But for my old gold precious critters soft silky stable puffy blankets with a blanket over according to conditions.

We live in mid Michigan and shop at Millbrook Tack in Grand Rapids. Today I got my first blanketing text msg! Great service.

give hugs to your critter from us here