Blanket rub, help!

I currently have my horse in an Horze midweight turnout blanket because the area I’m in is pretty cold, she’s clipped, and she is turned out a lot. However, she has a rub on the right shoulder and I’m not too sure what to do. It’s the same size as all my other blankets, I use antistatic spray, and I have a shoulder/blanket guard. Thoughts?

I found the Bossy Bib is the answer to blanket rubs. I have a wide chested, big shouldered horse who got rubs no matter kind of blanket or shoulder guard he wore - but the Bossy Bib solved the problem completely. He even started growing hair back while wearing it.
Prior to that I used a lot of Show Sheen on the points that were most vulnerable to friction and rubs,
and that helped somewhat. But the Bossy Bib is what ended the problem.


Thanks! I actually have a bib/guard made of the same material but still getting a rub unfortunately.

The Horze blanket doesn’t fit right. Some blankets just don’t fit some horses even if they look like they do. It doesn’t help that most of us can’t afford to buy blanket after blanket just to try to find the brand and style that fits. Horses change too and the blanket that fit last year may not be quite right this year.

I do the rainsheet with various weights of stable quilts underneath thing with one of mine and have had to sell several quilts when they suddenly started rubbing or my horse was unhappy wearing them (I think they were putting pressure on his withers - I stopped using them before any physical signs appeared).

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Shagyas Rock ~ are you in the US, and if so, did you order it directly from BB, or did you find a supplier in the US that carries it? This sounds like what I need for my guy…! Thanks!

Okay, thank you! I’m going to try and find a midweight that might fit better.

I live in Iowa and I ordered it from someone in Canada, actually. . . . I remember hearing about them on this forum, and I just googled it and went from there. I’ve had it about 8 years or so, so it’s been a while.
I hope you can find one!

Best of luck!

Thanks very much for that info, Shagyas Rock! Glad to hear that you’ve had it so long - speaks to its durability. I did see Canadian sources when I Googled, but wondered whether there might be a dealer in the US. I’ll go check out the Canadian dealer. Thanks again!

Bossy Bib is really the best thing out there. I’ve had others that seem like the same thing and only BB solved the problem

Shoulder guards don’t help my mare. Really the only thing that works on her are the Hugs/Abrazo sheets with the wrap around type fronts. Problem solved.

I second Bossy Bib. It is the only bib that ever stopped my horse from sporting blanket rubs in the winter!