Blanket rubbing Friesian mane

Last winter I was devastated when my Friesian’s beautiful long mane was rubbed out to an inch in length from her blanket where it was sitting on the mane.

She needs a new blanket this year, so I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for a type of blanket or adaptations to blankets etc to prevent it from rubbing the mane out again? We’re up to 5 inches! I don’t want to lose it!

Not super keen on a slinky as they’re not water proof, she’s out all day and in at night.

I would avoid any that are a separate hood,. You want more of an “all in one” fit. They still sort of rub, but not nearly as bad! I had this issue for years until I found the all in one with hood attached.
You can buy bibs that are like an all in one, but the seam is in the same place and still rubs the mane out. Or a 3/4 neck would do the trick, depending on how much neck you want covered.

Schneider’s (SStack) has blankets cut specifically for horses with upright necks like Friesians. I’m trying one this year for my upright neck Welsh Cob, who has had his mane rubbed out by both a regular cut blanket (with no neck) and an integrated neck blanket like above. The sstack cutback blanket is actually completely off of the mane. I’d normally have been able to let you know if I like it yet or not, but it seems that it’s never getting cold here this year so we haven’t actually used it yet, lol.