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Blanket rubs! HELP

I went through this same issue; I think its the weight of the cotton sheet. Big-D now makes a liner (it looks like a down coat–puffy). Its very light and has worked great so far (about 1 month) and the rubs are healing.


High neck blanket: the weatherbeeta freestyle is a very good cut for rubs.

Or a HUG style blanket. I had mare who rubbed in anything, with any liner/bra/bib except in the HUG blankets. Worth it for certain horses.

Bossy’s Bibs!!! Don’t go with they lycra ones, they are a waste of money! Bossy’s are nylon, free floating and hold up amazingly well. I have had mine all season and (if I washed it) looks as good as new! My trainer has had some for years and years. Since its free floating the hair can grow back underneath. They are like $50 and totally worth it. . Google them or PM me if you want the info I think I have it somewhere. I got it probably within a week of ordering it.

I love the idea of bossy bibs but they look like they won’t come down far enough! His shoulder rub would be covered, but the rub on his forearm is much bigger and a lot worse. For the moment, I’m going with Appsolute’s darting idea and then sewing a piece of sheepskin on the bottom edge of his sheet (barn friend’s idea). I think for next year though I’ll be buying him some of the Hug-type blankets - I’d do it now but I’m going to a big show this month and I’m a little strapped for spare cash!

two words…Bossy’s bibs


These are a zillion times better than the lycra guards.

But what I discovered is best best best is using these as “jammies” as an underlayer under anything…


I have two and swap them out to wash. Nice and light. Stay put. They go in the washing machine, dry fast, make sure there’s always a “clean” layer against the skin, and no rubbing AT ALL. I LOVE THESE! I will never do it any other way again!

It’s probably the cotton sheet. I never get rubs unless they are layered like that. When horsey moves around the sheet gets tight up front and won’t/can’t slide forward again (like nylon lined stuff will). I have a horse that I have had with me for the past three winters at home in a nylon lined sheet or blanket with zero rubs. This winter he is at trainers where they layer a cotton underneath and he has rubs everywhere :frowning: If it gets really cold I will just layer something like an amigo insulator (nylon lined) under the turnout.