Blanket rubs: will equifit blanket bib work with high-cut/Wug neck blankets?

Hi everyone,
My Rambo Wug sheets and blankets fit my little mare well, but because all three weights have the same cut, she’s getting shoulder rubs. I really like the idea of the blanket bib by Equifit, but I’m wondering if it will be too wide to work on a 75" Wug-cut rambo?

Anyone have experience with the blanket bib, especially on high cut blankets? Here’s a link to the product for reference:

Thank you!

I would use a Bossy Bib under the blankets- smooth nylon , works really well. I would be doubtful of anything that might create more friction.


Bossy bib.

I would suggest a bossybib or a shoulderguard.

I would next suggest that those blankets don’t fit your particular horse very well, but I know how expensive they are.

OP, a Bossy’s Bib or something of similar design is the only shoulder guard that will work. IME, they do great.

Here’s the link to the British maker:

If you e-mail with your horse’s size (blanket size and in hands), breed, and send a conformation picture, they will help you pick the right size for your particular horse.

demidq is right: You need to minimize friction. So the synthetic shearling won’t work. And it will get messy when shavings start to stick to it. I think lycra shoulder guards will work better… but not well enough, for the same reason.

I have a mare who is a shoulder rub waiting to happen and she has been blanketed 24/7 as needed each winter for the past two years. The winter of 2018 had her in a blanket for long stretches (rainy Oregon). The winder of 2019 had her living out 24/7 in the sandy soil of South Carolina. No shoulder rubs in either scenario.

Bossy Bib owners…are there any style of blankets they don’t work well with for attaching the loop in the front? My horse has mainly all Weatherbeeta and BOT mesh sheet. He doesn’t get rubs on his shoulders but if I use a shoulder guard (sleazy sleepwear brand) I noticed it’s seams that run over the withers do rub. I couldn’t tell from website pictures if there are seems along the top?

I used the bossy bib with the high neck Rhinos. I found the loops are fairly long enough to loop with pretty much any style of sheet/blanket. Closed front ones would require a bit of creativity.

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There is a seam at the top, but because it fits so loosely compared to the Lycra type shoulder guards I think it would be less likely to rub.

This is right. There is a seam at the top, but the material is flat and flexible, and non-binding the way lycra is. The slinkies rub because once they get stretched back as the horse moves, they can’t slide forward again, going against the fur. So they stay tight against the horse’s body where they are. IMO, they stop offering friction on both sides of them, so now you only get the blanket sliding against the lycra; the lycra is now just about stuck to the horse.

@crthunder I’ve used the bossy bib under my Weatherbeeta high neck heavy weight blanket with a variety of different liners (including the BOT mesh sheet) and have not had any problem getting everything to stay appropriately attached to each other. The loop is pretty long, so I’m thinking the only blankets that wouldn’t work would be close front ones. Everything rubs my horse and yet she doesn’t get any rubs from the seam at the top of the bossy bib and last year she was wearing at least one blanket 24/7 for 5 months (the weather was awful!).