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Blocked Accounts keep getting unblocked

I have a few folks that I have blocked so I don’t see their nonsense. I always select “Forever” as the timeline but every few months it gets reset. Today it won’t let me enter them again - says I need to select a timeline when I clearly have. I tried both Forever and 1 year and it’s still not taking it.

Anyone else have this problem?


same happened to me, now whenever a person I blocked posts on a thread (or starts a thread) I Mute the thread, just do not want to deal with their comments as whatever they post is the same as it was

Yes, “Forever” seems to be maybe a year. At some point the screen name disappears from the preferences selection.

So those posts start displaying again, and I can confirm that nothing has changed, “Forever” was the correct choice. :crazy_face:

But I’d rather that the selection was true to the description.

Thanks for posting this. I just went back in and re-blocked my problematic posters, they had all disappeared from my ignore list.

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Thanks for this thread - I just had this happen and thought I was losing my mind. Nope, just somehow auto-unblocked.