Blog Recommendations?


I’m wondering if anyone has any H/J specific blog recommendations? Ones that write about showing/training for the A circuit, latest tack and apparel, etc. Basically, any blog that is active and focuses on H/J life would be very helpful! Thanks in advance :smiley:

My favourites are :

And shameless plug … my own

My favourites are :

And shameless plug … my own

Some other Hunter Jumper specific blogs of people that do rated shows are: : super awesome blog to follow - love living vicariously through Gingham with her lovely new imported gelding. : another great blog with a lot of detailed write up and regular showing


I’m probably forgetting many but for now that’s a good start :slight_smile:

There definitely seem to be more blogs outside of HJ land but I would love if more would join in!

I do blog as well but I haven’t gone to a ton of rated shows. I will start going to more this year as I bring my young mare up. We are hoping to get as much under her belt as possible and will likely go to Brownland, Kentucky, and / or Tryon this year. It will depend on how things progress as she is quite young though. :slight_smile: I try to do as many product reviews as possible.

I hope more people will chime in as I am always interested to find more blogs!

You’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations already, but here are a few more:

Eventing, But Awesome:

Shameless self-promotion. I ride Jumpers… and I blog. :lol:

This is a great thread, I loved looking through everyones blogs