Bloodlines on new OTTB Eventing prospect?…number=8891997

Well you have Mr. Prospector, Danzig, Riverman, Grey Dawn, and Bold Ruler…all good athletic horses. Practically, though, for the lower levels it’s not terribly important who his ancestors are (really, not for the upper levels, either), rather your evaluation of his soundness --vet check is a must here for an old warhorse-- his temperament for an amateur, and if you like him. He’s a product of his race environment, so he’ll take some time to adjust to the off the track life. You will have to see if he enjoys jumping, is good on a cross country course, and all the other skills he needs to be a eventer. Good luck! Hope he works out.

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Thank you! Those were the names I did recognize, haha. There were just some in there that I felt were less common, and I always enjoy hearing people’s overall view on all of them, especially if they personally own a relative of some sort. I know bloodlines aren’t terribly important, it’s more of a hobby thing of mine to try and learn about them. He won’t be my first restart, and has been vetted. Again, I’m just interested to see if anyone has any first hand experience with relatives, and what they are doing with them now. Thank you for your reply, though! :slight_smile: