Bluebonnet Feeds question!

I’m not looking for suggestions for other brands of feed or anything just wanting to see if anyone has any experience with the Horseman’s Elite line or the Equilene line.

I started my reining horse and cowhorse/ranch horse on the Equilene Pelleted 2 months ago and I like it, they’re doing well on it but the place where I buy it, raised their price on it per bag and I was just wanting to see if there is that much of a difference in the Horseman’s Elite pelleted besides price or if I should stick with the Equilene. I’ve just seen a lot of reining guys use the Horseman’s Elite and wondered if there was a reason! If you have advice or suggestions please let me know!
Thank you

You may do better to post this in Horse Care forum. Lots of people with good feed knowledge there that would not come to the Western forum.

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Okay thank you! First time posting on here!