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Board, H/J training in S Wisconsin/N Illinois?

I am moving to Beloit, WI (right on the WI/IL border) later this summer so naturally, so is my young jumper. Any recommendations for boarding and H/J training in the Southern Wisconsin/Northern IL area? He is a little bit of a delicate flower so I’m looking for a place that will happily do t/o boots, blanket changes, etc (fee is fine). Trainer on-site or that will travel, but hoping to be able to keep up lessons and go to shows as my work schedule permits. Right now we’re actively competing on the A circuit bi-weekly but I expect that will slow down with the new job. Hoping to keep the commute to the new barn within 30 minutes. Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Depending on your horse… I would recommend Diane Carney, Alex Jayne and The Goldmans. All great at bringing young horses along, but are all not your average boarding barn if you know what I’m saying ($$) I think Diane is your closest.

Also just be warned… this thread could ensue some serious catfights. For some reason COTHers in the Chicagoland have some opinions…

I agree there are a few people who have vendettas against seemingly all chicago trainers.

Chris Neff @ Tipperary
Netta Schelden @ Equidream
Fields & Fences
Brighton Farms
Lauren Lechtanski @ Chestnut Hill (further than 30 from WI)
Nikki Jewel @ Glory Days Farm
Country Ridge

Hi all, I’m so grateful for all the tips! Beloit is pretty far west so it seems a lot of the trainers mentioned so far are 1-1.5 hours away. Any ideas a little closer to where we will be? I’ve typically been at nice A circuit barns (ranging in size) but need to balance top notch training with a reasonable-ish commute to ride while starting my new job. Any and all brainstorming is much appreciated!

Sent you a pm.

So you’re right between Janesville and Rockford, not near Chicago.

How far are you willing to travel?

There are 2 main trainers in Madison. I ride with Mark Aplin and am very happy with him. The main barn he works out of is in Watertown (about an hour north), but he coaches the UW Equestrian Team and teaches at our barn in Belleville (about 10 minutes closer) and visits a few other surrounding barns. We probably aren’t the right barn for you and have a waiting list, but you can see if he’s willing to add your future barn to his rounds. Ginny Dvorak is at Mandt Equestrian Center in Oregon (45-50 minutes). Their facility has pros and cons, but have only heard good things about Ginny. A couple COTHers ride with her I believe.

I also know someone who has been very happy with Kyle Dewar at Chestnut Hill Farm in Oconomowoc. But I believe they’re focusing on their business outside of WI right now, and I think that’s farther from you than the Chicago area barns.

I don’t know what’s south in IL. I think you’re going to have to head east to the Chicago suburbs so find nicer barns. Everything around here is pretty… not what you would expect if you’re looking for A level facilities.

Nancy Whitehead is at Entropy Farm in Woodstock. That would still be a hike, but the farm is gorgeous with an equine sports medicine vet as the owner/living on site. It is like a bit of KY in IL.

If you want an A barn/trainer, you are probably going to have to head east. I know people that board and do a lot of training on their own, and then meet up with a trainer at the shows, but if you want the full service or at least show barn service for your horse, you will have to drive for it.

The good news is that your are close to Ledges, and they have a lot of shows there!

Does Ledges still have any boarders? Years and years ago they did have some boarded horses there. Beloit is super close to Ledges. That’s where everyone stays when they show at Ledges.

These folks were working out of the NW Illinois area, and do what seems like a bit of showing. That is the extent of my knowledge of them, however.

Mariano Bedoya Show Stables
Could try contacting Everbold Farm in Kirkland, she may have some suggestions for that area.

Many of the recommendations are quite east of Beloit.