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Board in High COL Area

I was quoted a number for monthly board that made my jaw drop. This is a high COL area on the west coast but I can’t help but feeling like this is out of line. Is anyone paying north of $2800 for board not including lessons or training?

Short answer for me. No. If I were someone like Alice Tarjan, I might have a different answer.

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Yikes!! Definitely not.


Is it the kind of board that involves full care, including them tacking up the horse and having it ready for you to ride so all you have to do is get on? For that much I’d expect the horse to be groomed, my tack cleaned, saddle pads laundered, etc.

if one was paying $1500 in 2010 just the adjustment for inflation through 2021 would make the board $2010 then add on top of that the mandated minimum wage increases of some of the west coast cities and the highest inflation in 40 years so far this year, yes I could believe $2800 a month board. Most of those cities have also instilled mandate sick leave, so now more employees are needed to cover

Would I pay that, most likely no as I would look into moving (as many west coast companies are doing)

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This is helpful. How many people were paying $1500 per month in 2010?

In real competition barns, in real High COL areas? Absolutely.

Am I paying that? Hell no. I keep my horses at home, but the figure you quote is not that far off from some very big show barns in the H/J mecca run by top trainers.

It’s definitely not one of those barns. A shows are the norm but that’s about as high as it goes.

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but even here outside of Fort Worth the effects of what is happening on the west coast is felt as company after company moves here. Recently there have been two businesses relocate into my very small town from California driving real estate up. What was until recent times a $50,000 lot not are having cash offers on $250,000

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Full service H/J programs near Los Angeles are in line with that… but training and lessons are included plus full grooming, tack up/untack, tack cleaning, laundry, etc. I can imagine SOMEONE is charging $2800 for board/care alone but it’s not the norm for the area.

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I’m in a high COL area on the west coast and no way am I paying anything close to that.


could be worse, in New York city there is a downtown stable for the NYPD’s horses used for for crowd control. Just building it cost over $1.1 Million Per Stall…they spent over $30 million for 27 stalls…then add the care costs

Yes, although its at the high end- high COL suburbs of NYC. Board at the high end trainer facilities is running $2500-$2800. However, this is at places that require full training (but just bill it as two charges). Total monthly bill is ~$4000-$4500.

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