Board/Lodging between Lexington and Louisville

Good afternoon all!!
I am looking for a place that has lodging along with boarding! I have a lovely dressage mare that is an easy keeper and I need a place to live as well. I do work full time so I have a steady income. I have over 15 years experience with show horses and caring for them. I have ran a few boarding facilities and have basic first aid training for both people and horses. I am looking for somewhere where I can work of some board. Feeding in the evenings, mucking or bringing in. Maybe even some riding. I have 20 years experience in riding hunter/jumpers and dressage. In high school I did western pleasure and games. I am comfortable breaking and training. If anyone has anything or knows of anything please let me know! Thanks!!

How far are you willing to drive and how many hours a week can you devote to working off board? Or are you just going to pay rent and board?

Are you talking about the area along I 64? Or the Bluegrass Hwy further south?

Check on Craigslist. I thought i saw something around Shelbyville last week.