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Boarding at Freedom Feather Equine in Elbert CO

Does anyone board at Freedom Feather in Elbert? I love the location but our farrier told my husband [edit]. If true is there another barn in the area anyone recommends?

Husband not happy.

I don’t board there, but maybe reassure your husband that as long as he doesn’t [edit]?

Also that story sounds a bit “sus” to me. But hey, you’re forearmed, being forewarned.


I would ask around more. If the place is dodgy there will be other stories. If there are not, then I suspect this is a bit of malicious gossip about a horse deal gone sour. [Edit]

Anyhow my takeaway is to confirm any gossip from this farrier before you let it affect your plans.

Also honestly a new poster coming to COTH specifically to trash a named barn with a hearsay story? That makes me think middle school backbititing.


I’ve been spending too much time on the Barisone threads. Hearsay!

Also, I think there is a rule on Coth about making this type of criminal accusation which is not supported by an independent source or did not personally happen to the person posting, since such statements could be libel. My understanding of the type of accusation allowed would be things such as, “So-and-so testified in court that the husband swindled…” or “So-and-so was arrested and charged with theft in 2021…”, or “I was swindled out of a saddle which was promised as part of a sale…”

If this thread doesn’t get shut down right away, it would be nice to get clarity on the issue.

Oh, and yes to the pronoun criticism. Was it the trainer’s husband? The barn manager’s husband? The farrier’s husband? Which husband is not happy, yours or the other one which is married to one of those three women? And if it’s the trainer’s husband, well, that is just some drama I want to hear!

I don’t know anything about the current owners, managers, trainers, but it is a nice facility.


We removed some specific accusations from the OP and responses to them. Asking for feedback or experiences with a facility or professional in the industry is fine, but accusations need to have some substantiation via charges filed, court proceedings, news articles, etc.


You might want to check on this. The farm seems to be listed for sale


No comment on the subject of this thread, but can I just say I love a real estate listing that puts photos of the horse facilities before photos of the house?? Interesting design too, with the residential area where the two wings of the barn intersect.

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It was built very well but it’s is located pretty isolated and there are miles and miles of dirt road to get to it.

It is a beautiful facility. However it’s quite a drive and if you need clients to support the property, that will be a challenge