Boarding Barn with a ARIA Certified Instructor

I considered this to be the best forum because I am wanting to boost income of my farm

I would like to know more about the ARIA program, if someone will the experience is willing to share.

I will share a bit of personal background that I feel some will consider important at the end of the post.

Here are my questions:

  1. What are the technically challenges in acquiring a level 2 vs. level 3 instructor rating with the ARIA. How could it be compared to going through the USDF program? Not how does it compare in quality of the certification, but the test challenges.

  2. With the price of a lesson not coming into question, did it make the parents of your beginner students feel safer regarding their decisions to use you as an instructor?

  3. Was there a variable in your trainers/boarding barn insurance rate? If so, with what insurance

  4. Did having the rating/certification bring in better clients, i.e. quality care of their animals, better communication skills etc.?

Personal info:
Husband and I have decided to test out our marriage and plunge into boarding barn/lesson farm. I have been a traveling instructor for several years and have been very successful in safe beginner riding lesson structure. I have also been studying for two years, working with a instructor/suggested reading, level advancement/clinics, towards my USDF TL/1st certification. It is still several years off though, I would like to have a few more years of common sense horse skills under my belt. We have to move a very long distance for my farm dream/husband engineering job. I will have to restart my client collection. I thought maybe this would be a nice all around boost. I am interested in acquiring the level 3 certification and want to make sure I am prepared for it. I am mostly decided that going through with the testing is in my best interest.

Information and suggests on how best to be successful would be well appreciated!