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Boarding Chester County PA, Delaware, Elkton MD areas

I’m currently in search of places to board that have access to trails right off the property, separate turnout for mares and geldings, and a nice large field for the mares turnout (at least 5 acres, the larger the better as my mare does better with more space). I’m looking for full board or partial full board, ideally 500/mo or less but may pay more if it’s worth it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Both private and public barns are fine, I’m pretty low key and ride mostly for pleasure.


If you’re on Facebook, join the Cecil County Horse Consignment and Cecil County Horse Life pages. There are tons of places on there. When I asked the same question, I got about 10 different places offered.

Appleton Stables is under new ownership so I can’t speak to cost, but the facility looks like it has had upgrades since the new owners bought it. It is directly across from Fair Hill, so has direct access to thousands of acres of trails. It also has an outdoor arena. I don’t know the new number, but they are located in Elkton, MD and I’m sure you can find them through google. I will try to get the number next time I pass by.

There is a stable in Lewisville that has direct access to Fair Hill as well. Lewisville Stables, I believe it is called. The down side for me when I looked into it years ago was one field for all the horses. That may have changed since then.

Thank you! I joined those pages and posted there!

Thank you! I did look at Appleton online but their full board was over 600. Lewisville’s prices online aren’t too bad, I’ll have to call them and see what the turnout situation is like. Thank you!

Prevailing Winds Farm. If you can’t find contact info message me. :slight_smile: