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Boarding Facilities in San Diego-North County

I recently moved to San Diego and I’m looking to relocate my former AA hunter mare down here. She’s 19 and just returned from an injury to very minimal jumping, so not a candidate for a training program. I feel like I’ve exhausted my internet searches for facilities that will accept clients not in a training program.

I’m currently living in La Jolla, so trying to stay in the Del Mar/Rancho Santa Fe/Carmel Valley area for easier commute. I’m just looking for a fully covered stall/barn, arena, and maybe some trail access to give her a new job.

If anyone has any leads on any boarding facilities in the area, that would be an incredible help.

Many thanks!

Take a look at Royal Heaven Farms. They have lots of boarding options. Not quite in the area that you mentioned, but really easy off the 15. I make the drive from Point Loma in about 30 minutes.

Try Ridge Mar Equestrian Center in Del Mar. (858) 481-7508.

How many miles from La Jolla are you willing to travel. Are there any particular areas, freeways, etc you’d like to avoid?

Thank you all very much for the responses. I’m trying to keep the distance between 15-20 minutes of La Jolla at this time to work with my work schedule [8:30am-5:30pm or 7:30am-4:30pm workdays]. A shorter commute would make it easier to make it out in the morning before work in the winter/spring as it gets darker earlier as so few places seem to have lit arenas.

Love Newmarket!!!Good luck and welcome to So Cal!

Seabreeze Farms.
Rancho Riding Club.