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Boarding Facilities in San Diego-North County?

I recently moved to San Diego and I’m looking to relocate my former hunter down here. She’s 19 and just returned from an injury, so not a candidate for a training program, just a new job. I feel like I’ve exhausted my internet searches for facilities that will accept clients not in a training program, so looking to my equine community for a little help.

I’m currently living in La Jolla, so trying to stay in the Del Mar/Rancho Santa Fe/Carmel Valley area for easier commute. I’m just looking for a fully covered stall/barn, arena, and maybe some trail access to give her something new to do.

If anyone has any leads on any boarding facilities in the area, that would be an incredible help.

Many thanks!

I board at San Pasqual Valley Ranch. It’s in Escondido, I love it out there. It’s inexpensive. There is Western and English, you can have the level of care you want… and I am loving the cow work out there… I am a former H/J convert to ranch sorting etc… several others out there are converts as well. It is a nice community. It’s a little bit of a drive from La Jolla… maybe to far for you but the atmosphere is nice out there. Trails aren’t great there, most people trailer out to some that are very close… Daly Ranch, Mule Hill, Ramona Grasslands. and Penaquitos Canyon are not that far. Many people there trail ride and most have trailers so it’s not hard to find a ride.

There are trails in the cow pastures across the street that we can ride in. My mare is the same age is yours. They have both stalls and outside pens s well… and three arenas with lights.